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How to Make Christmas Tree Decorations Without Spending a Cent

A Christmas tree ornament is a universal gift. If you present it to someone, you can be sure that every year when this person decorates their Christmas tree, they will think about you. It’s even better if you make this toy yourself.

5-Minute Crafts shares ideas on how to create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments from old and useless things.

Snowflake made of a cardboard tube

You need:

  • cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towels

  • scissors

  • 2 bowls

  • glue

  • glitter

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Cut the cardboard tube into rings 5-10 mm in width. Bend the rings so that they look like 2 arcs connecting at the corners. Then, bend these arcs in half as the picture above shows.

Glue the parts together to make a snowflake. In one of the bowls, pour some glue and add glitter to the other one. After that, dip the snowflake into the glue and then into the glitter. Let the snowflake dry.

Attach a ribbon or a piece of thread to hang the snowflake on your tree. Done!

A star made of paper bags

You need:

  • 8 paper bags

  • glue stick

  • scissors

  • ribbon

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Put the paper bag on the table. Using a glue stick, apply glue down the bag right in the middle of it and then on the lower edge. Put another paper bag on top and glue them together. Repeat to glue 8 paper bags this way.

Cut off the corners of the bags. Unwrap the ornament and glue the ends together to make it look like a star.

Put the ribbon through one of the rays of the star. Done!

Heart made of plastic buttons and beads

You need:

  • oven tray
  • tin foil sheet for baking
  • metal heart-shaped mold
  • plastic colored beads
  • thin nail
  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Put a sheet of tin foil on an oven tray and the mold on top. Fill it with beads. Put one of the beads closer to the upper edge and put a nail through it.

Put the tray into the oven at 480°F for 10 minutes. The beads will melt and make a single shape together. Let the ornament cool, but remove the nail while the plastic is still warm. Put the ribbon through the hole. Done!

Christmas tree made of a wooden stick and ribbons

You need:

  • wooden stick

  • ribbons

  • scissors

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Tie ribbons to a stick so that the longest pieces are on the bottom and the shortest are at the top. Using scissors, make the edges even.

Use the ribbon or thread to hang the ornament. Done!

Star made of a woolen thread

You need:

  • 1 meter of woolen thread

  • a needle with a big hole

  • liquid glue in a tube

  • sheet of cardboard

  • 10 pins

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Put all of the thread into the tube of glue, leaving the end of the thread outside. Put the end into the needle. Now, put the needle into the lid of the tube so that the needle comes out of the tip. Put the lid on the tube and close it. Remove the needle. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Take thick cardboard. Draw a star on it and put the pins in its corners. Pulling the thread out of the glue tube, wrap it around the pins to make a star. Let it dry.

Remove the figure from the pins and attach a ribbon. Done!

Snowman made of socks and balls

You need:

  • white sock

  • 2 tennis balls

  • red ribbon

  • 2 black buttons

  • 2 pins with blue balls on the ends and one pin with a red ball

  • small pom pom

  • glue

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Put 2 tennis balls into a sock and tie it on the top. In the middle, between the balls, tie a red ribbon. Make eyes and a nose using the pins.

Glue the buttons. The top of the sock should be turned inside out and put on the head of the snowman to make it look like a hat. On the top, attach the pom pom and add the ribbon to hang the ornament. Done!

Tip: If you don’t have tennis balls, you can use rice instead.

Colorful paper

You need:

  • a sheet of double-sided colored paper

  • glue

  • scissors

  • ribbon or thread to make a loop

Cut a square. Fold it diagonally in half twice. Cut on one side as the picture above shows. Unfold the sheet.

Glue every other strip together from the center to the edge. Turn the sheet on the other side and glue the rest of the strips together to add volume. Attach the ribbon and it’s done!

Paper ball

You need:

  • 8 sheets of double-sided colored paper

  • glue

  • scissors

  • ribbon or thread to hang the ornament

Fold a square sheet of colored paper in half. Draw a semi-circle on it. Make 3 cuts as the picture above shows.

Open the circle and put some glue on its right edge, then fold the sheet in half. Make 7 more.

Now, put the glue on the middle point of the half and make a cut at the top and at the bottom. At the top, put another half, add glue, and attach the next piece. Repeat until you use all the pieces.

Now, unfold the figure and glue the ends together. In the middle, attach a thread or a ribbon. Done!

Lights made of colored paper

You need:

  • different-colored sheets of double-sided paper

  • glue

  • scissors

Cut out a circle. Fold it in half and then do it again. Make cuts as the picture above shows.

Unfold the paper circle. Make one more circle using paper of a different color. On the first circle, put glue on the top, left, right, and bottom. Put the second circle on the top.

Now, grab the middles of the circles and pull them to the sides. You will have one link. Make as many links as you want. Glue them together.

Tip: You can use a stapler instead of glue.

Christmas wreath made of bulbs and hangers

You need:

  • hanger made of metal wire

  • Christmas tree bulbs

  • ribbon made of satin

Take a metal hanger and make it into a circle. Then, free one of the ends of the hanger to put the bulbs on it. Use different-sized ornaments to make the wreath more original.

Decorate the wreath with a satin ribbon. Done!

Tip: If you don’t like the look of the hanger itself, you can wrap it with a satin ribbon.

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