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How to Make Pet Beds From Old Clothes

If you don’t want to throw away old clothes and boxes, you can recycle them by making a simple yet comfy bed for your dog or cat. Not only will you be contributing to saving the planet, but you’ll be able to show your pet how much they mean to you.

5-Minute Crafts wanted to share a few ways you can make beds for your pets without putting forth too much effort.

1. A cat bed made from a box

What you need:

✅ 1 box

✅ 1 XL-sized T-shirt


1. Get a box.

2. Find a regular T-shirt that you don’t need anymore.

3. Put the T-shirt on the box so that the hole for the head is at the opening of the box.

4. Turn the box on one side so that the side with the box and T-shirt hole is now in front of you.

5. Tie the end of the T-shirt.

6. Tuck in the short sleeves.

7. Present it to your cat and let it enjoy its new home.

2. A cat bed made from a coat hanger

What you need:

✅ 2 coat hangers made of wire

✅ 1 piece of cardboard, about 12 inches x 16 inches.

✅ Silicone glue

✅ 1 XL-sized T-shirt

✅ A screwdriver


1. Take the wire coat hangers.

2. Cut them in 2 places at the top.

3. Expand the wires in opposite directions to make them wider.

4. Twist the angles so that you can make them flat.

5. Curl both wires in a circle.

6. Take a piece of cardboard.

7. Use a screwdriver to punch a hole on all 4 sides that will fit the ends of the wires.

8. Put the ends of the wires in opposite directions so that they make an “X” at the top.

9. Glue the 2 wires together where they meet, at the “X.”

10. Take a T-shirt and put it on the wire so that the hole for the head is on the longer side of the cardboard. Tuck in the sleeves.

11. Give your cat a chance to explore and get cozy inside.

3. A dog bed made from a sweater

What you need:

✅ 1 XL-sized sweater

✅ Pillow stuffing

✅ A pillow

✅ Needle and thread


1. Take an old sweater that you don’t need anymore.

2. Sew the cuffs on both sleeves.

3. Mark the side ends of the sleeves and the underarms.

4. Sew the sleeves on the body part and then sew the underarm. This will be the base of the bed. Don’t sew the hem, leave it open for now.

5. Take a pillow and put it inside.

6. Overlap the hems.

7. Sew the hems.

8. Fill the sweatshirt with pillow stuffing through the turtleneck.

9. Sew the turtleneck.

10. Sew the sleeves together.

11. Fluff the bed and then compress the inner part a bit and place it on the floor.

12. Let your dog take a comfy nap.

4. A dog bed made from a pair of jeans

What you need:

A pair of jeans

✅ A belt

✅ Enough old socks or clothes to fill the jeans.


1. Take an old pair of jeans with a belt on them.

2. Stuff it with some old socks or other clothes.

3. Buckle the belt tightly.

4. Tuck the left leg under the right.

5. Tuck the right leg under the left to make an “X.”

6. Place it on the sofa and enjoy some quality time with your dog.

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