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How to Make Stylish DYI Jewerly

If you like jewelry, we have a bunch of ideas for how to make stylish DIY pieces at home. Also, handmade jewelry is a wonderful gift idea for mothers, sisters, or friends.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing step-by-step instructions, thanks to which, you’ll be able to make unique earrings, necklaces, pendants, or hair clips for either yourself or as a present.

A necklace made of gold hairpins

1. Get a hold of a golden chain.

2 and 3. Hang golden bobby pins on it.

4 and 5. Your necklace is ready!

Earrings made of seashells

1 and 2. Take a seashell and drill a hole as big as 10 mm at its base with the help of a spade drill.

3. Insert an earring hook into the drilled hole.

4 and 5. Glue the faux pearl beads inside the shells.

6. If you wish, you can paint the shells in different colors.

Earrings made of glue and sequins

1. Take some wax paper and squeeze hot glue in the shape of a large blob onto it.

2. Attach an earring hook to the base of the blob.

3. Abundantly sprinkle the blob with sequins.

4. Your stylish and beautiful earrings are ready.

A pendant made of a teaspoon

1. Take a teaspoon.

2. Cut off its handle.

3. Bend its tip with pliers.

4 — 5. Fill the spoon with epoxy resin painted any color you like (you can add glitter to the colorant). Let the resin dry.

6. Hang your stylish pendant on the chain.

A choker made out of a straw

1. Get a cocktail straw in a nice color.

2. Cut it into pieces as large as 1 inch. Put them in a row, one piece after another.

3. Put a white shoelace through the top piece.

4. Pull 2 sides of the lace toward each other through the next piece of the straw (the way it’s shown in the photo).

5. Continue to pull the lace through straws, gradually moving down.

6. Place the lace nicely inside the pieces of the straw.

7. Secure the choker on your neck. It can be done with the help of lace ends, for example.

A hair clip decorated with flowers from polymer clay

1. Place a piece of green polymer clay on the embossed razor and press it down with your finger.

2. With this clay, create the shape of a leaf.

3. Take red polymer clay and roll it out in the shape of a stripe with the help of a rolling pin.

4. Cut off one edge of the stripe with the help of a curly knife.

5. Roll up the red stripe.

6. Bend back the rose petals so that your flower starts to resemble a real rose.

7. Bake the leaves and roses made of polymer clay in the oven. Choose the baking temperature and time according to the instructions on the clay package. Then glue the finished parts to the clip and decorate your hair with it.

A pendant made of salt crystals

1. Pour boiling water into a transparent pot, such as a jar. Tip: Place a spoon into the jar before adding water so that it doesn’t break.

2. Add salt to the water and mix it till it stops dissolving.

3. Add whatever food colorant you’d like to the brine and stir the water.

4. Tie a small crystal of salt to a thread and hang it so that the crystal reaches down, fully immersed in the water from a stick or a pencil that’s laid across the jar.

5. Wait for 3 weeks — a salt crystal will grow within this period.

6 and 7. Take out the crystal that you’ve grown and wrap it with a wire.

8. Hang the slat crystal in the shape of a pendant on a beautiful string.

A pendant from epoxy resin

1. Take an oval-shaped silicone form.

2. Fill it with transparent epoxy resin.

3. Place dry plants and flowers into the resin with the help of tweezers. Let the resin dry, according to the instructions.

4. Take out your future pendant from the form.

5. Make a fastening and hang the pendant on some beautiful string. It looks amazing!

A necklace made of puzzle pieces

1. Have you lost fragments of puzzles from different sets? It’s okay — you can just make a stylish necklace out of them.

2. Make holes in the puzzle pieces with the help of an awl.

3. Insert metal fastenings into the holes.

4. Attach the puzzles to the chain with the help of fastenings.

5. Your necklace is ready!

A necklace made of pistachio shells

1. Cut out a half-circle from a carton. Gather some pistachios.

2. Separate the shells from the seeds. You’ll only need the shells for creating the necklace.

3. Cover a part of the shells with red paint. You’ll also need orange, yellow, and white paint for creating the necklace.

4. Apply some glue to each shell with the help of a glue gun.

5. Glue the shell to the half-circle cut-out in the same way it’s shown in the photo.

6. Glue the shells painted red to the bottom part of the half-circle. After this, make 2 rows from shells painted orange; then place a row of yellow shells above those.

7. Glue the shells painted white in the center of the half-circle. Secure a chain to it and your necklace is ready.

A pendant made of wax crayons

1. Gather wax crayons in white, red, orange, and yellow. Break them into small pieces.

2. Fill in the form for the pendant with pieces of wax crayon with the help of tweezers, placing them from dark shades to light shades.

3. Place them on the tray and bake them in the oven for 10 minutes at 350°F.

4. Cool down the pendant with melted wax crayons and apply glue to it.

5. Place a transparent cabochon of a matching size over it.

6. Hang the pendant on a chain — your jewelry is ready.

A brooch made of a key

1. Get a key.

2 and 3. Glue some beautiful embellishments on it.

4. Glue a base for the brooch by putting a fastening of some kind on it from the other side. Your stylish and unique jewelry is ready!

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