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How to Paint With Acrylic Paints

Bright, unusual paintings will become a wonderful addition to your interior. And if you make them yourself, your home decor will have a unique character.

5-Minute Crafts put together 8 options for simple paintings that you can do yourself with acrylic paints.

Painting 1

1. Take a plastic cup and dip its rim into pink paint.

2. Press the rim of the cup against a white canvas and leave a circle of paint.

3. Make a few more similar prints in different colors.

4. Take a pot lid and other round objects. Dip them into the paint and leave prints of different colors and sizes on the canvas.

5. Let the paints dry and then hang the painting on the wall

Painting 2

1. Take a pot lid, put it on a rectangular white canvas and trace its outline with a pencil.

2. Move the lid a bit and trace it with a pencil again.

3. Draw 5 to 6 more circles that intersect with each other on the canvas.

4. Take paints and a brush. Paint the spaces between the lines with different colors.

5. Use 3 to 4 shades in the same color spectrum. Then let the paints dry and hang the painting on the wall.

Painting 3

1. Take a white rectangular canvas and apply strips of painter’s tape lengthwise with a gap of about 1 inch between them.

2. Squeeze a little bit of paint onto the gaps. Use yellow paint in the first row, orange paint in the second row, scarlet red paint in the third row, and deep red in the fourth row.

3. Blend the paints with a brush, moving vertically along the canvas.

4. Then move the brush horizontally several times.

5. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. Make another similar painting and hang both of them on the wall.

Painting 4

1. Pour some white paint onto a work surface. Add some blue paint, then dark blue and pink paints. Don’t mix them.

2. Take a small balloon and dip it into the paints.

3. Make balloon prints on the white canvas.

4. Continue making prints until the entire canvas is filled with them.

5. Let the paint dry, then hang the painting on the wall.

Painting 5

1. Take an empty plastic egg container. Fill the top 5 compartments with black paint, and fill the lower 5 compartments with blue, yellow, red, dark blue and orange paints, respectively.

2. Tilt the container slightly downward so that the black paint from the top 5 compartments gets into the lower ones.

3. Continue tilting the container, but above the canvas. Gently fill the entire surface of the canvas with a mixture of paints.

4. Take the canvas in your hands and gently tilt it first to the left, then to the right, so that the paints spread out slightly and form patterns. Let the paint dry and hang the painting on the wall.

Painting 6

1. Take 3 thick piece of wool thread and dip one into blue paint and the other 2 into purple paint. Put the thread on a white rectangular canvas in wavy lines.

2. Pull the thread with the blue paint lightly and then remove it from the canvas.

3. Do the same with the purple threads.

4. Dip 4 more strands in green paint, place them at the bottom of the canvas, pull slightly, and then remove, thus drawing leaves around the flowers. Let the paint dry, and hang the painting on the wall.

Painting 7

1. Squeeze a small amount of pink paint onto your work surface. Place a circle of bubble wrap on it.

2. Apply the wrap to a black rectangular canvas and make a print with the paint.

3. On top of the pink print, place the wrap with the white paint.

4. Remove the wrap, leaving a white print.

5. Next to the white-pink print, make 2 more similar ones — with yellow and blue paint.

6. Take a brush and dip it into blue paint. Draw 3 vertical lines (flower stalks) and 2 leaves along the edges in the lower half of the canvas. Let the paint dry, and hang the painting on the wall.

Painting 8

1. Take a black rectangular canvas and place it horizontally. Squeeze out 3 small balls of yellow, blue, and pink paint in the middle of the canvas at a distance of about 4 inches from each other.

2. Take 10 to 12 cotton swabs and tie them together with a rubber band.

3. Blend the balls of paint with cotton swabs.

4. The result should be 3 blurry triangles that look like treetops. Leave some unblended paint at the base of each triangle

5. Take a toothbrush and begin to smear down the straight lines of paint that remain at the base of the triangles.

6. As a result, you should get 3 more triangles that look like reflections of the upper ones.

7. Take a small spatula, dip it into white paint, and make 7 to 8 white lines that go across the lower triangles.

8. Draw a tree trunk in the middle of each upper triangle. Let the paint dry, and hang the painting on the wall.

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