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How to Wrap a Present

Everyone loves getting presents, but those that are packed with love and attention for the person they are being gifted to are especially impressive.

5-Minute Crafts has collected 5 useful life hacks for how to wrap a present and decorate it in an original way using the things you have at home.

1. Gift wrap

  1. Take an empty chip bag.

  2. Cut it along the side and the bottom.

  3. Wipe the inside with a wet wipe.

  4. Put the box with the present on the front side of the bag and wrap it from 2 sides.

  5. On the sides of the box, wrap the rest of the bag making triangles and connect them with double-sided tape.

  6. Decorate the box with a bow.

2. Decoration for the gift wrap

  1. Take a sheet of black craft paper, draw 2 boots on it, and cut them out.

  2. Take white paper, draw 2 small ovals. and cut them out

  3. Glue the white ovals to the upper part of the boots.

  4. Take a green gift bag and tie a bright red ribbon around the handle.

  5. Glue one boot to each end of the ribbon.

3. A basket for the present

  1. Take a red paper cup and cut off the upper edge.

  2. Make deep cuts from the edge toward the bottom of the cup, about 0.5 inches apart.

  3. Spread the lines of the cup by pushing it to the surface of the table.

  4. Bend every line in half and wrap it behind the next one.

  5. Separately cut a line of paper for the handle and glue it to the sides of the basket with double-sided tape.

4. Glitter

  1. Take wide double-sided tape and attach it to the front of the box horizontally, about 2 inches from the edge.

  2. Do the same vertically on the front side of the box.

  3. Remove the paper from the sticky side.

  4. Take bright glitter and put it on the sticky tape.

  5. Blow off the excess glitter from the surface and attach a decorative bow.

5. Decoration with the giftee’s name

  1. Write the name of the person the gift is for in big letters.

  2. Take a metal wire and make a loop on the end.

  3. Push the end of the wire to the start of the first letter and keep bending it along the writing.

  4. Take a thick thread and wrap the wire with it. There should be 5-7 inches of free thread on each end.

  5. Put the wrapped wire on the gift box and tie the wire to the box with the ends of the thread.

Bonus: Wrap your presents diagonally.

  • First, place your gift diagonally in the center of the wrapping paper.
  • Move it in a way so that the wrapping paper covers the sides.
  • After this, finish wrapping your gift by covering it with the rest of the paper. Don’t forget to use tape to keep it from falling apart.

Note: You don’t need to start wrapping up the sides in any specific order.

Please note: This article was updated in December 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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