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What Types of Markers There Are

Usually, it is believed that markers are only limited to the permanent ones, the ones that are used on the whiteboard. But there are a wide variety of these pens available based on the types of the tip, bases, and what not, to match their respective uses. 5-Minute Crafts brings you a comprehensive guide to art markers to clear away all of your confusion.

Types of tip shapes

1. Brush tip

These tips are the most versatile. It can create thin strokes, which is ideal for making details, and you can flatten them too if larger areas need to be filled. Another advantage, it can also make variable-width strokes. Usually, brush pens are more expensive than their other counterparts, but some tips can be easily replaced once they’re worn.

2. Chisel tip

This tip is very common among brands. Chisel tips come in handy as you can use various edges for various purposes. If you want to add lots of color, its wide and flat side is useful. And if you’re looking for thinner strokers, but not precise, its pointy side is ideal.

3. Fine tip

These pens are mostly used by architects as they’re great for details and patterning, but you cannot use them for areas that need lots of colors. They have a fine tip that is almost 0.1 mm thick and are ideal for making fine lines and outlines. You’ll also find ultra-fine tip markers that bear 0.2 mm or 0.4 mm thick tips. They deliver more details and charismatic work.

4. Bullet tip

This tip is also very common in markets, and they come in cheap as well. Bullet tips are good for use, but they’re not versatile. You may not be able to achieve super fine details with this one. And when it comes to coloring larger areas, it can be slow and tedious for you. They bear a rounded edge and are good for making sketches because it delivers a smooth pattern.

5. Double-ended markers

These markers bring forth the best of both worlds. They bear a central ink reservoir and tips on both ends. Usually, the good quality alcohol-based markers are double-ended featuring a chisel tip and brush tip or bullet tip at the end. They’re also easy to carry as you don’t have to take two separate markers along with you.

Types of marker bases

1. Water-based

These markers are made up of glycerin, water, and color pigment. You need to leave them for a while to let them dry. They’re not permanent markers, can be washed off easily, and can warp paper as well. And, they don’t bear any pungent smell like alcohol-based markers. The ink here is lighter and gives your artwork an exceptional look.

2. Alcohol-based

These markers are permanent in nature and are convenient to use. They’re composed of an isopropyl base and bear a pungent smell. It is advisable to use them in a well-ventilated or open area to reduce the smell.

The best advantage of using these markers is that you can refill them. You can also inject base into them to make them usable in case they get dry. Another advantage here is that they have interchangeable nibs. So, you can easily switch styles without buying more markers. Or if the nibs are worn out, you can replace them with a new one too.

3. Oil-based

Oil-based markers are used on metal or ceramic surfaces. They’re also permanent in nature and can’t be removed easily. These markers are known for their variety in shapes and sizes, large ink capacity, color variety, and durability. They come in different types bearing the most vibrant colors and they use less ink, which makes them ideal for intricate, professional drawings.

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