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How to Be a Good Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is not just about throwing a bachelorette party and standing beside the bride when she says, “I do.” It’s more about keeping the bride stress-free, being a part of the wedding planning process, showing up to the pre-wedding events, and a lot more. 5-Minute Crafts makes bridesmaid-ing easy for you by highlighting the essential duties so you can handle everything with grace.

During the planning process:

1. Be her emotional support

Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming for the bride, so you need to be the calm one amid the madness. Listen to her intently if she wants to vent, and help her see the brighter side of things if she gets nervous about anything. Try telling her funny stories, play her favorite music, or keep the family out-of-the-picture for a while. Leave no stone unturned to help the bride stay calm.

2. Play the diplomat when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Respect the bride’s taste when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid dresses. The color and style of the dresses may align with the design scheme she selected for her wedding, so be willing to accept the dress she chose. If you want to adjust the styling, feel free to accessorize your look.

  • But if you really don’t like the dress, try to be honest about what you’d like to wear. But don’t pick out a dress that goes beyond her budget.

3. Attend the wedding dress shopping and fittings whenever possible.

Being a bridesmaid is not just about choosing an outfit for yourself, but also about helping the bride find her dream dress as well. Also, be there for fittings, help her fit into her ensemble, maneuver the train of the dress, or tie up the bustle, if there is one.

4. Plan and organize the bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.

The bachelorette party is not just a time to celebrate the bride-to-be, but also to have a lot of fun. From the engagement to the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids should attend all of the major pre-wedding events and help the bride, her family, and everyone involved in organizing the event. Keep track of the details involved — volunteer to coordinate flights and accommodations for the other members involved in the bridal party.

  • Always know your audience when planning for the party since this is a very special event for the bride-to-be and try your best to make the night truly unforgettable.

5. Help the maid of honor put together an emergency kit to be ready for any issues the bride has.

Nobody wants to ruin the big day. Help the maid of honor get the essentials ready a few days before the wedding. It’s one of your main responsibilities to keep the wedding running smoothly. Being prepared beforehand will keep the chaos at bay.

Other understated duties to follow before the wedding:

During the ceremony:

1. Be prepared and on time.

The morning of the wedding can turn out to be an overwhelming time, so be the calm one among everyone, and turn the tunes up to relax. Also, make sure that the bride eats her breakfast, and the hair and makeup is done on time. Help the maid of honor and the bride’s family in any way you can.

2. Help the bride get dressed.

It might be a bit challenging for the bride to get into her intricately designed dress, so help her, by all means, to make her look and feel her best. Make the necessary adjustments with the pins, sequins, and everything else to make her feel at ease.

  • You’re on bathroom duty for the day too. Be there for the bride when she needs to go to the loo, as her dress may need a few adjustments.

3. Watch the kids.

Keep an eye on the kids before walking down the aisle. As it is sometimes difficult for them to sit still and stay quiet, you may want to bribe them with chocolate, if necessary.

4. Be the life of the party.

There is certainly a lot to look after, but the bride wants you to enjoy yourself too. So dance your heart out when the beats drop, dance with the groomsmen in the first-dance sequence, and dance with the guests too.

Other understated duties to follow during the ceremony:

What NOT to do as a bridesmaid:

1. Compare her wedding with yours

Maybe you found your ring better than the bride’s, or you found your wedding hall better than hers. Know that comparing your wedding to the bride’s is nothing but a downhill path in your friendship, from that very moment. Your wedding was or will be perfect for you, just as hers is perfect for her.

2. Bring up her exes

A wedding is all about wishing the couple the best for their future and not reminiscing about the past, like bringing up ex-boyfriends.

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