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How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

While preparing or celebrating the joy Diwali bestows, we often tend to forget the consequences it puts on the environment, like air and noise pollution caused by fireworks and much more. So, 5-Minute Crafts brings forth sustainable ways to celebrate Diwali with your near and dear ones.

1. Repurpose your waste and level up your Diwali home decor.

The commencement of Diwali celebrations calls for cleaning homes and offices where we find a lot of waste like clothes, newspapers, old bulbs, broken items, and a lot more. This is where you can showcase your creative skills by converting these things into your home decor for the festival. For instance, you can use colorful dupattas and sarees as curtains and drapes.

2. Lighten up the house with earthen diyas.

When you use plastic lights, they consume a lot of electricity which will eventually add up on your next power bill and candles release petroleum-based toxins when lit up.

On the contrary, diyas cause no harm to nature and add gold to your Diwali home decoration. You can also make these lamps look interesting by going DIY and decorating them. Or try making them with wheat dough, orange peels, or coconut shells.

3. Add more to the ambiance by making organic rangoli.

Since this is an ecofriendly Diwali, it’s time to ditch those toxic rangoli colors and switch to organic choices instead. You can use flowers, rice, lentils, turmeric, legumes, clove, cinnamon, kumkum, and a lot more.

4. Serve food in eco-friendly crockery.

Diwali is also a time where a lot of guests visit your home and we usually tend to use the expensive china or fancy crockery to serve food in. This year, you can opt for eco-friendly options like banana leaves, areca plant leaves, or sugarcane bowls. Apart from giving an authentic festive feel, it also saves us the hassle of doing the dishes and saves a lot of water too. You can also serve welcome drinks in kulhads.

5. Gift nature-friendly products to each other.

This year, instead of gifting your guests sweets, consider gifting them a plant. You can also gift solar power gadgets, khadi clothes, organic soaps and spices, and a lot more. Rather than buying a greeting card from stores, make your own cards this Diwali. You can also go DIY on the gifts, 5-Minute Crafts has a lot of ideas.

6. Don’t buy crackers.

This is the most obvious way to celebrate a nature-friendly Diwali, but it’s the most overlooked one as well. Fireworks surely contribute to noise pollution, and they also cause distress to people with respiratory problems, and your furry friends. Speaking of which...

Bonus: Keep your pets safe during Diwali.

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