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How to Cosplay

Cosplay can be a very fun activity — you get to portray your favorite characters and engage with a community that shares the same interests as you. If you’re thinking about cosplaying for the first time, 5-Minute Crafts has some tips that can help you do it properly.

1. Find a cosplay event.

Before starting to cosplay and putting together your costumes, it’s good to visit and participate in events. Try to look for events that have a wide variety of characters so you have a bigger idea of that world.

2. Decide what your main character will be.

Find a niche community and select a character that you really enjoy. Pick something that means a lot to you and that you know well. Invest in this one character rather than spending time and money on lots of different characters.

3. Look for references and inspiration.

Once you pick your character, research them as much as you can. Find a lot of references and inspiration and save everything. You should be able to know what the costume looks like from every angle.

4. Set a budget.

Decide how much you want to spend on your costume. Start looking for things you may already have at home and only buy anything if it’s really necessary. Work with what you can afford.

Note: Cosplay can get very expensive, so try to stick to budget materials.

5. Learn how to personalize your own items.

Repurposing your old items is a great idea. You can repaint a pair of boots, turn a curtain into a dress, and more. If you can’t find the perfect item, you can try to make it yourself.

6. Pay attention to props.

Props can play a very important role in cosplaying. A lot of characters are known for the special props they have and what they do with them. Investigate this for a more accurate portrayal. You can try to buy them, but making them with your own hands is also a great option, so it’s worth your time to acquire this knowledge.

7. Learn how to pose with your outfits.

Make sure to mimic your character’s poses, expressions, and movements. This will help you create an accurate portrait.

Now you’re ready to go outside and show off your costume.

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