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How to Make a Flower Bouquet in a Box

Flower compositions in baskets and boxes oftentimes look more impressive than regular bouquets. And when compiled correctly, they can preserve their beautiful look for longer.

If you’d like to present such a gift to your loved ones, you don’t need to seek help from a florist. 5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to make a bouquet in a box all on your own.

What you’ll need

  • Flowers (we opted for roses, alstroemeria, and Ruscus twigs)
  • A small box
  • A pruner or sharp knife and cutting board
  • A floral sponge
  • Flower food
  • 2 plastic bags, food film, or mica wrapping paper
  • Water
  • A small but deep container for making a solution with flower food

How to do it

1. Dilute a bag of flower food in water (the exact amount of water required for this should be indicated on the package of the flower food).

Life hack: Don’t get upset if you’re unable to find special flower food. You can make flower food from improvised means yourself.

2. Cut the floral sponge to the size of your box. It should be slightly smaller than the container you are going to use.

3. Dip the sponge into the container with water and flower food and wait until it gets completely wet.

An important note: Don’t press the sponge since it absorbs liquid. This way, it gets wet evenly.

4. Place 2 plastic bags inside the box and turn their edges out.

5. Put the sponge soaked in flower food inside the bags.

6. Cut the flowers so that they’re a bit higher than the box. Remove the lower leaves from them. You can also separate the branches to use them in different places in the composition if you’re using bush plants.

7. It’s better to start placing flowers in the box from bigger elements. Select several big flowers, place them in the floral sponge, and surround them with smaller flowers or decorative leaves on the sides. Continue adding big and small elements to the composition one-by-one. Adjust the length of the stems and their immersion in the sponge as needed.

8. When you finish filling the box with flowers, look at the composition from different sides. Perhaps you’ll need to remove or add some elements.

An important note: It’s necessary to periodically wet the flowers that are placed in the floral sponge. That’s why when the sponge dries up in a few days, you’ll need to add water to it.

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