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How to Make Christmas Decorations

What is more boring than using the same decorations on the same Christmas tree every year? We want some diversity but decorations from the store might be too expensive.

5-Minute Crafts has made a compilation of ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree with the things you can find in any home: light bulbs, yarn, pasta, and so on.

Idea № 1

1. Take some different-shaped light bulbs.

2. Cover each of them with glue.

3 and 4. Put a lot of glitter on them. Also, decorate the base of the bulb with glitter.

5. Put some hairspray on each bulb.

6. Find thin sparkling ribbons to hang them with, and decorate the tree.

Idea № 2

1. Take a plastic ball.

2. Attach a bright ribbon to it.

3. Glue some funny eyes to the ribbon.

4. Decorate the tree with the ball.

Idea № 3

1. Take the inside of a toilet paper roll and cut a ring about 0.3 inches in width.

2. Take a ball of bright yarn.

3. Cut off a piece of yarn and fold it in half: on the one side there should be a loop, and on the other — 2 loose ends. Tie the yarn onto the ring.

4. Repeat step 3, adding enough yarn to cover the entire ring.

5. Pull the ends of the yarn on the other side of the ring.

6. Tie them.

7. Cut the ends of the yarn.

8. You now have a cute little hat.

9. Make hats using different colored yarn to decorate the tree.

Idea № 4

1 and 2. Take al dente pasta and a strong thread in a needle. Pierce the pasta with the needle and string them along the thread.

3. Using a brush, put glue on the pasta.

4. Before the glue dries, apply a lot of glitter to the pasta.

5. Use the garland you just made to decorate the tree.

Idea № 5

1. Put caramels into a Ziploc bag.

2 and 3. Mash the caramels in the bag using a hammer.

4 and 5. Cut cookies out of dough, cut holes in the middle, fill the holes in the cookies with the mashed caramels, and make holes on top of them so you can hang them after baking. Then put them into the oven and bake.

6. After baking, the caramels will melt and fill the spaces. Attach the threads to them and decorate your Christmas tree.

Idea № 6

1. You need penne pasta and a glue gun. Put some glue on one piece.

2. Attach to another piece.

3. Make 6 corners and create stars.

4. Put some glue on another piece.

5. Glue it between the 2 edges of the future snowflake.

6. Repeat with other edges.

7. Put some glue into the center of the snowflake to make it strong.

8. Cover the snowflake with silver paint on both sides.

8. Add a thin red ribbon to hang it on the tree.

10. Decorate the tree with the snowflake.

Idea № 7

1. Take a cinnamon stick and apply some glue from a glue gun.

2. Glue 3 branches of an artificial Christmas tree to make it look like a small tree.

3. Use different-colored buttons.

4. On the other side, glue a golden ribbon to hang the toy on the tree.

5. All done!

Idea № 8

1. Take a bottle cork and dip its smaller side into red paint.

2. Dip the bigger side into black paint.

3. In the middle, draw a face: with eyes, a mouth, and a nose.

4. Make a white cross under the face (on the belly).

5. Use small metal hooks to make it possible to hang these newly-made toys on the tree.

Idea № 9

1. Carefully, remove the cap from a light bulb.

2. Pour some glue into the bulb.

3. Place a small Christmas tree inside.

4. Add some artificial snow.

5. Decorate the tree inside the bulb. Put the cap back on the bulb and decorate it with a bow.

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