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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day was all about roses and chocolates. Now, it’s more about making your partner feel special in the most intimate way possible. 5-Minute Crafts gathered a few ideas on how to make your February 14th as special as ever, even if you’re single. Read below to find out more.

Gift ideas

1. Whip up a few creative desserts.

If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, then go super-creative with your favorite desserts like creating edible matchsticks with pretzel sticks and candy melts. Or give a raspberry cheesecake with a heart swirl on top a try.

2. Gift them customized presents.

If you love your partner to the moon and back, you can have their picture imprinted on a moon lamp. These customized gifts are always special. Or you can gift them a star map of the night you both met.

3. Go DIY!

If you love crafts and would like to make your partner feel special with handmade gifts, then 5-Minute Crafts has lots of DIY videos for you to try.

Indoor ideas

4. Bring them a romantic breakfast in bed.

If you find Valentine’s dinners overrated, then you can surprise them by bringing them their favorite breakfast in bed.

5. Build a romantic Valentine’s fort.

You can create a movie date for your beloved by arranging lots of pillows and blankets in a way that looks like a cozy tent. Put up some fairy lights for an added intimate touch.

6. Reminisce about the old memories together by digging out the old photos.

Walk down the memory lane by digging out the old yearbooks, family photos, and everything that’ll let you both cherish the times you’ve spent together.

7. Play indoor games for 2.

You can recreate an interesting Jenga game for Valentine’s Day by adding funny and romantic tasks to each tile.

  • Fun fact: Jenga in Swahili means ’to build,’ this game is interestingly helpful in building (or making) your relationship with your beloved fun and stronger than ever.

Outdoor ideas

8. Go for a stargazing/camping trip.

Cuddling under the stars with your beloved, with a roaring bonfire and soft music, is a beautiful way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

9. Make a custom scent at a perfumery.

If you and your partner are looking for an interesting hobby, you can try visiting a local perfumery and creating a unique scent that you both love.

10. Take a hot air balloon ride.

Take your spouse on a romantic date amidst the skies by booking a hot air balloon ride. Sunrises and sunsets are best to be viewed this way.

11. Recreate your first Valentine’s Day date.

You can make February 14th special by recreating your first date and seeing how different things are then and now between the 2 of you.

12. Adopt a pet.

Visit a local pet shelter and adopt a pet. Valentine’s Day is a great moment to add a new member to your family.

For singles

13. Throw a party for single friends.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just meant for celebrating the love between couples. You too can celebrate your singlehood by throwing a party and inviting your single friends along. Make the most of this day, because you never know if this is going to be your last Valentine’s Day being single.

14. Babysit for your near and dear ones.

If you don’t want to party, maybe you can lend a hand to your near and dear ones by babysitting for them. Besides their appreciation for your help, you’ll also have a great night spending time with the baby.

15. Volunteer or do charity.

You can choose to volunteer or do charity at pet shelters, NGOs, orphanages, etc. to make the most of your time on Valentine’s Day. Apart from keeping the sting of singlehood at bay, it will also make you feel great about doing a good deed.

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