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What Is the Best Gift for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

A gift on Valentine’s Day is believed to be special because it’s not just a present. It’s a way of showing your feelings to your girlfriend.

The women of 5-Minute Crafts discussed which Valentine’s Day gifts left the biggest impression on them. We put together 11 ideas that your significant other will definitely appreciate.

1. Give her flowers.

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. And you can surprise your loved one if you choose an unusual presentation. Pay attention to the flowers that are packed in a stylish box, or to a rose in a glass dome (which are really popular now), like the one that you can see in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Your girlfriend may also appreciate a bouquet made with her favorite sweets. And she will surely be pleasantly surprised if you make this bouquet with your own hands, instead of buying one.

2. Give her a florarium.

If you want to give your girlfriend flowers, you can use another unusual presentation option which is a florarium with a live composition inside. Choose a heart-shaped container, and as for the flowers, choose mini orchids, lotuses, flowering cacti, and other succulents.

3. Give her jewelry.

Jewelry is another classic gift to give on February 14th. An elegant pendant, earrings, a bracelet, or a ring will be a great present on Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to give her a ring, you need to find out the size of your girlfriend’s finger in advance. Just imagine, how happy she will be if you propose to her on Valentine’s Day. But if you are not yet ready for marriage, take a closer look at a pendant, earrings, or a bracelet. You don’t need to know her measurements to choose one of these.

4. Order a portrait of her.

On February 14th, you can impress your significant other with her portrait, based on her photo. You can order it online or make it yourself if you’re a professional artist or if painting is your hobby.

5. Make a DIY present.

Apart from sweets and a portrait, there many other gifts that you can do yourself:

  • If you’re a good singer, make a recording of a song that you composed yourself.
  • If you’re into cooking, bake a heart-shaped cake or cookies.
  • If you’re into woodcarving, make a jewelry box or a photo frame.
  • If you like metal engraving, make an original metal rose.
  • Finally, if you like to make videos, you can make a video selection of the best moments of your relationship.

6. Spend a day in a spa together.

Book a romantic couple’s spa session with a bath, wraps, and a professional massage. You can combine it with a trip to the countryside, or book a hotel near the spa for a weekend. Or you can make a spa session at home. You’ll need to:

  • buy bath bombs, body scrubs, and body wrap mixtures
  • decorate your home with candles
  • select romantic music
  • study massage tutorials online
  • decorate your bathroom with rose petals

7. Invite her on a romantic date

You can spend a day together on a romantic date. This could be horseback riding, at a dancing master class, at a tea ceremony, or going to dinner at a good restaurant.

8. Organize a photo session.

Present your girlfriend with a professional photo session for 2. You can arrange this on Valentine’s Day or give your significant other a certificate that she can use at a convenient time for her. Your girlfriend will certainly appreciate this gift and will remember it every time she looks at the photos.

9. Remind her of the nice moments you spent together.

If you 2 have enough mutual memories captured in photos, combine them to make an original gift. Choose 15 to 20 mutual photos, order a photo book online, and pair them with some lines about love. You can also make:

  • A collage of mutual photos that you can hang on the wall.
  • A set of photo frames with photos of the 2 of you.
  • A digital photo frame. Don’t forget to pre-upload photos on it and turn it on when giving the gift.

10. Arrange an artistic date.

If your girlfriend is fond of art, give her tickets to an opera, ballet, concert, theater performance, or art exhibition. Finally, you can go to the movies together. On February 14th, they will have romantic film screenings in movie houses.

11. Go on a trip.

Another option to spend Valentine’s Day together is to go on a trip. It doesn’t have to be a trip to another country. Neighboring cities can also become an interesting discovery. Create an exciting route around a new city and invite your girlfriend on a romantic trip.

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