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What to Give to a Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Choosing a present for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is a bit harder than on any other day because it’s supposed to express your feelings for him on a deeper level.

5-Minute Crafts has chosen 11 gift ideas of things you can give your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

1. Give him a bouquet.

If you’ve just met, and don’t know each other very well yet, it might be hard to give a good gift. Try choosing something neutral but impressive. For example, make a bouquet of snacks and drinks. You can order it online or make it yourself. The latter will probably impress your boyfriend even more.

2. Give him a couple’s keychain.

You can also give him something like a cup, a T-shirt, or mittens. A set of keychains is another good idea: one puzzle piece will be for your keys and the other will be for his. When you give him the present, tell him to think of you every time he uses his keys.

3. Say “I Love You” in an unusual way.

If you chose Valentine’s Day to talk about your feelings for the first time, turn it into a present.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write him a poem
  • Compose a song for him
  • Make a video with the best moments of your relationship
  • Bake a heart-shaped cake with the words “I love you”
  • Give him a jar with 100 notes about why you love him

4. Cook a romantic dinner.

Show your cooking skills:

5. Relax together at a spa.

Book a spa with a sauna and professional massage. An alternative — a spa at home:

  • Buy or make your own bath bombs
  • Decorate the bathroom with candles
  • Play relaxing music
  • Take massage lessons and practice on each other
  • Prepare a scrub

6. Make a book with memorable photos.

Choose 15-20 photos of you together and make a photo album or scrapbook. Add some romantic words about your love and decorations.

7. Buy a digital photo frame.

Another way to present photos of you together is a digital photo frame. Upload your favorite pictures of special moments in your relationship.

8. Love certificates or coupons

Make them yourself or order blank ones online. Give them to your boyfriend and tell him he can cash them in throughout the year.

9. Buy a commercial spot at a movie theater.

Make a cute 15 to 30-second video about your relationship. Then, call the advertisement department of your favorite movie theater and buy a commercial spot. Make sure you know the exact film, day, and time. Take your boyfriend to the movies, and he will be really surprised when the video comes on.

10. Go on an adventure.

An adventure together is a great way to spend the day and make memories.

Here are some ideas of activities you can do:

  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Escape room or laser tag
  • Ice skating
  • Water park
  • Skydiving
  • Indoor skydiving

11. Take a master class.

You can learn something new together:

  • Dance class, where you can learn to dance tango, waltz, salsa, or something else
  • Sing together and record it
  • Photography course
  • Cooking class
  • A tea party
  • Horseback riding
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