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Why Jenna Ortega Is the Perfect Wednesday Addams and 9 Other Reasons to Watch Tim Burton’s New Series

The macabre Addams family is back in a new TV series directed by the ingenious Tim Burton. Young actress Jenna Ortega carried a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. She was tasked with playing Wednesday, the aloof daughter of the famous clan with an aversion to hugs and bright colors. Jenna coped with these expectations, showing the world a multifaceted character with a veil of indifference on the surface and an ocean of compassion inside. Let’s discover the reasons why Wednesday is absolutely worth watching.

Jenna created a completely new yet great image of Wednesday

Tim Burton, the creator of the TV series, explains that he wanted to create a dramatically new version of Wednesday. “In the past incarnations, it’s been very cartoony. So in this longer form, we just tried to give it a reality, which I loved,” the famous director said. Jenna Ortega managed to fulfill his vision. The actress made considerable effort to dive into the atmosphere of the outcast teenager and to show the nuances of the character’s thinking and evolution.

Jenna showed the real values of friendship.

During the 8 episodes, Wednesday goes from a lonely teenager to a person ready to sacrifice almost anything to protect her friends. At first, she belligerently rejects any manifestations of attention from others. She tries to close herself off, but the world keeps testing her strength. Tim Burton highlights Wednesday’s socialization through her relationship with her werewolf roommate Enid. Emma Myers, the actress who played Enid, shares: “Enid teaches Wednesday that she can be emotional and still be a badass, and Wednesday teaches Enid that she can stand up for herself and be patient with herself.”

The friendship between Wednesday and the courageous beekeeper Eugene deserves special mention. He has the super ability to control bees, and he is a great example of how to use his natural gift to the maximum. It was Eugene who was the first to melt the heart of Jenna’s character. The relationship between them grows into a friendship, although Wednesday may deny it.

We see a new, more humane version of Wednesday.

Ortega once shared that one of the TV series’ main goals was to make Wednesday more humane. The character is not just a gloomy and tough girl who despises any manifestation of feelings. She grows up, makes mistakes, and sometimes suffers because she makes the wrong choices and the wrong decisions. Wednesday also shows an unbending will when it comes to pursuing her goals.

The series’ creators managed to keep viewers in suspense during the whole season.

The first season of Wednesday is an interweaving of several storylines, each of which develops so dynamically that it’s hard to force yourself to press “stop.” The narrative structure is built by a combination of elements of mystery, thriller, and horror with a dash of black comedy. The TV series doesn’t scare too much, since the viewers’ attention is mildly distracted from the “monster issues” to the romantic storyline, complex family matters, and the everyday life of teenagers.

Brilliant supporting actors helped Jenna reveal her unique talent

The Wednesday cast is a feast for our eyes. Tim Burton has invited a whole constellation of well-known actors to play supporting roles. Christina Ricci was invited to play one of the significant roles as an elegant homage to the 1990s version of The Addams Family. The actress became famous in her childhood after appearing on the big screen as Wednesday.

Game of Thrones star, Gwendoline Christie, has triumphally returned to TV screens playing Principal Weems. Her character has an impeccable sense of style, a strong will, and prudence. She is calm on the outside but holds a special secret, like most of the other Wednesday personas. You can’t help but look at her clothes, makeup, and hairstyle, studying every detail. “It is the first time I’ve ever felt beautiful on screen,” Christie shared.

Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear blue leotards. Victor Dorobantu managed to combine the remarkable flexibility and plasticity of his body with outstanding artistic talent. It’s really hard to convey the complex nature of the character with only one hand shown on the screen. The actor dealt with the role of Thing, turning it from a cute pet into a strong personality and devoted friend.

The creators of the TV series saved one of the most spectacular trump cards up their sleeves until the second half of the season. Fred Armisen made his striking appearance in the role of Uncle Fester. Despite his criminal tendencies and eccentric habits, he shows true concern for his teen niece and helps her a great deal in solving one of the most intriguing mysteries.

The actor confessed that he is a devoted lover of all things Addams family: “It’s everything that I love, spooky and funny at the same time.”

Bonus: 9 curious facts about the world of Wednesday that may become the additional reasons for why you’ll rush to watch the series

  1. Wednesday has set a new record for the most hours viewed during a week. It broke a previously held record by the fourth season of Stranger Things.
  2. Jenna Ortega learned to play cello to fit the role better.
  3. She also took German, fencing, and archery lessons.
  4. Jenna completely staged the viral dance scene herself.
  5. Victor Dorobantu, who played Thing in the TV series, is a professional magician.
  6. Morticia Addams explained Wednesday’s name in the first episode. The character got her name from a line in the nursery rhyme Monday’s Child. Its key line reads as follows: Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace, Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”
  7. Ortega didn’t blink in any of her scenes. After accidentally filming one scene where Wednesday didn’t blink, Tim Burton got excited about this idea and asked Jenna to stop blinking in all future scenes.
  8. Luis Guzman, the actor who plays Gomez Addams, faced a tsunami of negative comments. The fans of the Addams clan stated he was not tall and slender enough for the role and didn’t make an impression of a man who was capable of being the head of a big family.
  9. But in fact, Luis Guzman is the perfect Gomez Addams for 2 reasons: he’s a talented, skilled actor who nailed this role and let’s not forget that the original Gomez Addams, from Charles Addams cartoons, was a short tubby man with a crooked tooth. So, what’s to argue about?

Who is your favorite Wednesday from the Addams family movies and TV series?

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