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10-Ingredient Cream Soup Constructor

Cream soup is cooked using cream or milk as the main ingredient. Before adding either of them, a vegetable base blended to the consistency of a puree is made. This dish is quite easy to cook, and you can get creative with the variations even during the cooking process.

5-Minute Crafts wants to show you how you can easily cook different cream soups for the week using 10 simple ingredients.

The main principle of cooking

Cream soup is cooked on the basis of butter and flour:

  1. Melt butter in a pot. Add flour. Mix it until you get the consistency of a paste. Add milk or heavy cream. If you want you can also add bouillon cubes for a more intense taste. Cook the mixture over low heat until it thickens. Control the density of the mixture with milk — top up if necessary.
  2. You can add steamed or boiled vegetables, or any other ingredients to the base. Before doing so, make sure to blend them to the consistency of a thick puree. It should be homogeneous and viscous.
  3. Homemade white bread crumbs, sour cream, cheese, green onions, or bacon are usually added before serving.

10 main ingredients

As additional ingredients, you can use vegetables from the list below and mix them in any way you like:

  • potato
  • zucchini
  • cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • pumpkin
  • green peas
  • onion
  • carrot

💡 To enhance the taste and spice up the dish, don’t forget to add salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, and greens as a garnish.

Variations of the vegetable base for soups

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