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10+ Tricks and Ideas for How to Make Cold Coffee and Other Drinks

A hot day is no reason to not drink coffee just because it’s too hot. There are a lot of summer alternatives, for example, ice latte based on coffee ice, cold brew, and cold milk.

5-Minute Crafts explains how to make the coffee-based drinks you can have on a hot day and also shares recommendations that even professional chefs might find useful.

Cold brew

To make a cold drink, instead of cooling down your espresso, you can use cold brew. This is coffee that takes a long time to get made in cold water but it preserves all the flavor and taste. You can use it in any recipe where you need cold espresso.

How to make: Get a container with a lid, put 1 spoon of ground coffee into it, and pour in 4 cups of cold filtered water (you can change the proportions to make the drink stronger or weaker if you want). Carefully stir it and close it with the lid. Leave it for 12 hours. After that, pour it into another container through a strainer to get rid of the coffee itself. This way, you will have cold brew — a great base for summer drinks. It’s recommended to store it in the fridge for 7 days.

How to use: The simplest recipe with cold brew is regular cold coffee. Just fill the glass with ice and add cold brew. Done!

Iced latte

You need:

  • 60 ml of espresso
  • 100 ml of milk
  • ice (enough to fill the entire glass)
  • 2 tsp of sugar or syrup

How to make:

1. Add sugar into hot espresso. Stir it.

2. Fill a tall, thick-walled glass with ice. Pour the coffee over the ice. Add milk and give it a good stir. Done!

Tip: You can use cold brew instead of espresso. Also, if the drink is too cold, you can warm the milk.

How to serve: Before adding ice into the glass, get chocolate topping and put some on the inner walls of the glass. After that, fill it with the drink, so that the topping is even more visible. By the way, you can quickly decorate any glass with a light-colored dessert this way.

Iced latte with coffee ice

You need:

  • 80 ml of espresso or cold brew
  • 150 ml of milk

How to make:

1. Make coffee, let it cool down, and put it into an ice tray. You can also use cold brew. Put the tray into the freezer for a few hours.

2. Take the coffee ice from the freezer. Fill a tall glass with the ice and add some milk. Done!

How to serve: If you add a bit of blue syrup, it will go to the bottom and look like a sea with white milk foam at the shore.

Coffee shake with strawberry and cream

You need:

  • 8–10 strawberries
  • 60 ml of cold espresso, black coffee, or cold brew
  • ice
  • 100 ml of whipped cream
  • mint

How to make:

1. Take half of the strawberries, remove the stems, and cut out the small solid things under them. Put them into a tall glass and make a mash. The rest of the strawberries should be cut into halves.

2. Add a few ice cubes into the glass with the mash. Add coffee. Then add the first layer of whipped cream. Then, add the strawberry halves with the flat side to the inner part of the glass.

3. Add another layer of whipped cream. Done!

Before serving, you can add mint leaves, powdered sugar, ground cinnamon, or chocolate topping.

Coffee jelly with milk

You need:

  • 3 tbsp of gummy bears
  • 100 ml of water
  • 3-4 tbsp of instant coffee
  • 150 ml of milk

How to make:

1. At a medium temperature, heat the gummy bears in water. Bring it to a boil, reduce the temperature, and add coffee. Stir it. Then, put it into a plastic container and put it into the fridge to cool it down and make it jelly-like.

2. Get the coffee jelly out of the fridge, cut it to make small rectangular pieces.

Add milk into a glass and add 3-4 tbsp of coffee jelly. It’s ready to be served!

Bumble coffee: espresso and orange fresh

You need:

  • 60 ml of espresso or freshly made coffee
  • 150 ml of fresh orange juice
  • 15 ml or caramel syrup
  • ice cubes

How to make:

1. Take a tall glass and fill it with ice. Add orange juice and syrup.

2. On an ice cube, pour coffee in a thin stream: the more careful you are, the cleaner the line between the juice on the bottom and the coffee at the top will be. You can also use cold brew instead of espresso. You can serve it with a piece of orange.

Tip: If you need to get rid of the coffee grounds, pour it through a strainer. You can also buy special filter bags that will help with the task.

Cocoa with milk foam and ice cream

You need:

  • 80 ml of cocoa
  • 60 ml of cool espresso or freshly made coffee (can be replaced with cold brew)
  • 100 ml of cold milk
  • 3-4 tbsp of ice cream
  • ice
  • sugar powder

How to make:

1. Take a 300-ml glass jar and fill it with cold milk, close the lid, and shake it for a minute. The milk will get foamy. After that, remove the lid and heat it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

2. Fill 1/2 of the glass with ice. Add cocoa. After that, add coffee. Add a layer of the milk foam and then add the ice cream with sugar.

Tip: Before using it, put the glass into the freezer for 10-15 minutes, and then fill it according to the recipe — it will make the drink even cooler and fresher.

Dalgona: whipped coffee and milk

You need:

  • 5 tsp of ground coffee
  • 5 tsp of sugar
  • 5 tsp of hot water
  • 100 ml of milk
  • ice cubes

How to make:

1. Put the coffee into a small bowl, add sugar and water. Using a mixer, make a foam.

2. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add the milk so that there’s a little space for the foam you made. Done!

Tip: Don’t be afraid of experimenting — try making the same drink but with cold milk and coffee ice. And you can also replace the sugar with honey — it will give you a denser foam that looks like a soufflé.

Cold frappe and colorful foam

You need:

  • 3 tsp of instant coffee
  • 3 tsp of cold water
  • 150 ml of cold milk or water
  • ice cubes

How to make:

1. Using a small mixer, whip coffee and cold water for 1-2 minutes to make foam. If you like sweet coffee, add sugar before whipping.

2. Add 3-4 ice cubes and cold milk with water so that the foam reaches the edge of the glass.

How to serve: To get colorful foam, whip sugar, coffee, and cold beetroot juice in a 1:1:1 proportion. To color the milk foam, add 1 tsp of beetroot juice or syrup before whipping. This way, you can make a colorful cappuccino or latte. Some syrups don’t just add color but also give a flavor: you can try something citrus, lavender, or mint.

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