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15 Ways to Cook Eggs

The egg is one of the simplest foods that you can make hundreds of breakfast dishes with, from scrambled eggs to a poached egg. This variety is achieved through a few simple tricks.

5-Minute Crafts would like to offer your 15 unusual ways to cook eggs that will be liked by both professional cooks and those who just want to learn the cooking basics.

1. Fried eggs with airy whites

How to cook it:

  • Break a fresh egg over a heated, buttered skillet.

  • With the help of wooden sticks, beat the whites vigorously without touching the yolk, until the whites become frothy. Then fry the eggs over medium heat.

2. Fluffy scrambled eggs

How to cook it:

  • Mix eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper according to your taste.

  • Heat a deep frying pan and pour some oil in it.

  • Take a sieve and pour the eggs mixture through it into the pan, spreading the mass evenly. Fry it over medium heat.

3. Spicy scrambled eggs

How to cook it:

  • Chop fresh chili peppers. Mix eggs in a separate bowl and add salt and pepper according to your taste.

  • Heat a deep frying pan up and pour oil into it.

  • Take a sieve and put the chopped chilis inside.

  • Pour the egg mixture into the pan through the sieve with the chilis inside and spread the mass evenly. Fry it over medium heat.

4. Egg tarts with vegetables

How to cook it:

  • Mix the eggs in a bowl, and add salt and pepper according to your taste.

  • Pour oil into a deep heated frying pan.

  • Take a ladle, dip the back of it into the egg mixture (as shown on the photo above), and then directly into the hot oil. Fry over medium heat.

  • After 15–20 seconds, take the ladle out and take a tart off. Done! Put a salad mixture or vegetables inside.

5. Hot egg sandwich with ham and cheese

How to cook it:

  • Put a slice of bread in a heated skillet with a few slices of ham and cheese on top. Cover it with another slice of bread.

  • Take a third slice of bread and cut a circle in the middle. Place this slice on the top of the sandwich and put a fresh egg into the round hole.

  • Cover the edges of the sandwich with some melted butter. Fry the sandwich until it’s done.

6. Pickled eggs, Asian style

How to cook it:

  • Boil the eggs and peel them.

  • Take a plastic bag and put the boiled eggs in it, then pour soy sauce inside.

  • Close the bag and put it into the fridge for 4 days. Done!

Tip: Try diluting the soy sauce with a bit of rice vinegar and water, then add a little garlic, ginger, and pepper to make the egg marinade richer.

7. Frozen eggs

How to cook it:

  • Take an ice mold. Break an egg into each unit.

  • Put the mold in the freezer for a day. These frozen eggs can be used the same as fresh eggs, as well as for frying and baking, and they can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.

8. 2-colored fried eggs

How to cook it:

  • Take fresh eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks.

  • Put the yolks into a bottle with a narrow tip and mix them well.

  • Heat a skillet over medium heat and brush it with oil. Using the bottle with yolks, draw a spiral in the skillet as shown in the photo above.

  • Repeat the same actions with the whites, filling in the spaces between the yolk lines.

  • Fry the eggs for a couple of minutes.

9. Poached egg in a ladle

How to cook it:

  • Boil water in a saucepan.

  • Break a fresh egg into a ladle. Then place the ladle in a saucepan so that it touches the water, as shown in the photo above.

  • The egg will be ready in a couple of minutes. Serve it individually or as part of a sandwich.

10. Salad baskets

How to cook it:

  • Take fresh eggs and make simple pancake batter. Put it into a plastic bag and cut off the tip.

  • Heat oil in a small saucepan.

  • Pour the batter on the ladle the way it’s shown in the photo above. Dip the ladle in the hot oil and hold it there until the basket turns golden and slides off the ladle.

  • Put the basket on a napkin to get rid of the excess oil. Done! You can serve salads and fruits in it, using it as an edible dish.

11. Omelet, Japanese style

How to cook it:

  • Prepare an omelet mixture and pour 1/3 of it into a heated frying pan.

  • Wait until the omelet is almost ready, and roll it up with 2 spatulas the way it’s shown in the photo above.

  • Then add another 1/3 of the omelet mixture to the pan without removing the roll you made earlier.

  • Place a couple of cheese slices on the new layer of the omelet.

  • Roll the omelet up again and pour in the remaining mixture. Roll this layer up too. Done!

12. Salted eggs

How to cook it:

  • Pour sugar and salt in a ratio of 4:5 into a baking dish. Stir them together well.

  • Make holes in the mixture and put fresh egg yolks in there. Cover them with the rest of the mixture.

  • Refrigerate the eggs for 4 days. Then take them out and place them on a baking rack. Place the rack in the oven for 30 minutes and cook the eggs at 130°F.

  • Done! These eggs can be grated to sprinkle on pasta, pizza, and other dishes.

13. Pickled eggs

How to cook it:

  • Boil eggs and prepare a regular marinade.

  • Shell the eggs and put them in a glass jar.

  • Add a few bay leaves and black pepper, and cover the eggs with the hot marinade. Leave them for 2-3 days in a cool dark place. Done!

14. Eggs braised in tomato sauce

How to cook it:

  • Make horizontal cuts in the hard-boiled egg.

  • Fry it in hot oil for a few minutes.

  • At the same time, prepare the sauce. Fry onions, then add tomato paste, diluted with a little water.

  • Put the eggs into the sauce and simmer them in it for 10 minutes, adding a few tablespoons of soy sauce and a little garlic.

  • Done! Serve the eggs with the mixture of tomato and soy sauces.

15. Airy fried eggs

How to cook it:

  • Take fresh eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the whites until stiff.

  • Put a small amount of the whisked whites in a heated skillet.

  • Put the yolk on top. Cook them like regular scrambled eggs for 2-3 minutes over medium heat.

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