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18+ Homemade Meals That Prove Everyone Can Cook Like Jamie Oliver

We all love tasty and satisfying food. But not everyone loves to cook. Many people probably think that cooking things as cool as you’d find in restaurants is too difficult, and it’s impossible to learn it on your own. However, it’s actually not. Reddit users prove that everyone can cook beautiful and delicious dishes right in their own kitchen.

1. “Spicy miso ramen with duck”

2. “Homemade golden paneer baos with butter sauce”

3. “Snoopy pork katsu curry”

4. “Homemade French toast sticks”

5. " Stir-fried udon"

6. “Spaghetti and meatballs”

7. “Tomato soup in a spider bread bowl”

8. “Indian chicken curry with naan and cilantro mint chutney”

9. “Oven-roasted turkey, bacon, pesto, gouda, and Muenster grilled cheese with tomato basil soup”

10. “Homemade double Big Mac”

11. “Creamy mushroom with paprika sauce garlic and parsley”

12. “Fresh Tagliatelle, butter poached lobster, morel-lobster cream sauce”

13. “English breakfast”

14. “Nashville hot chicken sandwich”

15. " Lemon and garlic pasta with sea scallops"

16. “Fruity Pebble cheese cake”

17. “Thai beef salad a.k.a. yum nua”

18. “Tomato ricotta pasta with pancetta”

19. “Butter garlic squid ink pasta”

20. “Sourdough pizza with pepperoni, red onion, ricotta, basil, and hot honey”

21. “Homer Simpson cake”

What’s the coolest dish you’ve made yourself? Share it in the comments!

Preview photo credit ItsZaTime / Reddit, ianjmcg / Reddit
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