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20+ People Who Were Lucky Enough to Get More Food Than They Asked For

Ordering food at a restaurant can be an adventure, as you may never know what you’re going to get, especially if you’re trying a new place. However, some people have felt blessed to receive more than they asked for, and they decided to share their luck with the world.

Today, we will show you a compilation of 20+ people who were pleasantly surprised after ordering a meal, realizing that it couldn’t have been better.

1. “I asked for a cherry coke at a restaurant.”

2. “I manage a deli for a small chain supermarket. One of the cart guys asked me to make a pizza with 4 times the extra cheese. That’s 30 oz of cheese.”

3. “I asked the guy taking my order for ’as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.’ Turns out that’s 243 packets. I love you Taco Bell, and I promise not to ask for any more sauce for a while.”

4. “I’d like the ravioli please, with a truly unreasonable amount of parmesan cheese.”

5. “I got another mac and cheeseburger. This time I asked for ’as much mac and cheese as you can give me without getting fired.’ I might not survive.”

6. “I left a note in the delivery instructions asking for as much extra ranch as ’legally allowed by state law.’”

7. “Asked for extra whipped cream on my pancakes. They delivered.”

8. “The restaurant asked if we wanted a ’side of ketchup.’”

9. “I asked for extra veggies on my white fish salad bagel sandwich.”

10. “I asked the chef for a ’bacon cheeseburger,’ and this is what he gave me. I was told I should post it here.”

11. “I asked Waffle House for as many chocolate chips as they’re allowed to give me.”

12. “I asked for some extra ranch. I got 16!”

13. “Can I get extra egg?” This was in Tokyo, Japan."

14. “I ordered Chipotle online for in-store pickup. I asked for extra cheese. They never put this much when I order in person. Whoever made this, you are now blessed.”

15. “I asked for extra roast beef on my sandwich.”

16. “I ordered a gyro plate and a side of fries.”

17. “I asked for extra pepperoni.”

18. “I ordered a pizza with ’super extra mega poppy seed crust’ in the notes. I was not disappointed.”

19. “I asked for no tomatoes on my salad, and the server asked if bacon was okay. I jokingly said all the bacon...he delivered.”

20. “I asked if they’d be willing to slip one extra into my 10-box.”

21. “A customer asked for ’a very generous amount of olives.’ He did not go home displeased.”

22. “The cook asked if I wanted a few extra tater tots.”

23. “My friend ordered a chip butty at a pub and this is what they got.”

24. “I asked for lots and lots of cream cheese icing on my cinnamon buns.”

25. “Asked for extra olives on my salad!”

Have you ever gotten more food than what you ordered in a restaurant? Tell us in the comments!

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