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7 Fruits We Thought Were Vegetables but They Aren’t

We grow up having a very specific idea about fruits and vegetables, but in reality, these ideas might be wrong. The fruits we think are vegetables may actually turn out to be berries or something else entirely.

We at 5-Minute Crafts decided to learn the whole truth about our favorite vegetables, fruits, and berries and share our knowledge with you.


The avocado is technically a berry containing a single large seed.


There’s very little moisture left in corn, which is why the seeds get really dry. So corn is actually caryopsis in science.


Eggplants are part of the Solanum melongena species, and they are berries — so are tomatoes. Eggplants can be eaten together with the seeds and the skin. And they are usually eaten cooked, like potatoes.

Bell pepper

The bell pepper, which is also known as the sweet pepper, is a fruit of the Capsicum annuum species. Even though it’s technically a berry, it’s usually used as a vegetable or a side dish.


The cucumber is a creeping vine. It’s 95% water. From the botany view, it’s a pepo. It’s a berry with a hard outer shell.

Green beans

Green beans are also a fruit. And the peas inside them are seeds.

From the botany standpoint, the tomato is a berry. But in cooking, the tomato is a vegetable because it contains way less sugar than fruit does. Tomatoes are usually served in salads but not as desserts.

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