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7 Simple Appetizers and Desserts

Sometimes, light appetizers can be served before the main course, and after the main course come the desserts and sweets. But very often, cooking the main course takes so long that there’s no time left for anything else.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing recipes for simple appetizers and desserts. You can make them for large gatherings or a cozy evening with friends.

1. A mini-calzone with cheese and vegetables

  1. Take some dough, roll it, and cover an ice tray with it. Push the dough into each hole with your finger.

  2. In 1/3 of the holes, put pieces of feta cheese and a half of a cherry tomato, and in another 1/3, put some mozzarella and a leaf of basil. And in the rest, put a piece of salty salmon and a pinch of grated cheddar cheese.

  3. Cover the dough containing the filling with another layer of dough. Make the layers stick to one another.

  4. Put the dough into the oven before it looks done, and serve it with a sauce.

2. Quick sushi

  1. Take an ice tray, and in 1/3 of the holes, put a piece of salmon; in the other 1/3, put a piece of avocado; and in the rest, put a piece of tuna.

  2. Put 1 tsp of boiled rice into each hole.

  3. Push the rice down a little bit to make small portions.

  4. Turn the ice tray over and put the sushi on the plate along with some sesame seeds on top. Serve with soy sauce, marinated ginger, and wasabi.

3. Meat on sticks

  1. Take an ice tray and put 8-10 slices of bacon over it. They should be really close to each other.

  2. Push the bacon into the holes and put some onion and minced meat with spices inside.

  3. Roll the top and the bottom edges of the bacon slices so that the filling is inside.

  4. Put what you made into the oven to bake. Cut the cooked meat into pieces and add a toothpick to every piece.

4. Candy with coconut, nuts, and caramel

  1. Take an ice tray and fill each cell about halfway with melted milk chocolate. Freeze the ice tray.

  2. In some cells, put 0.5 tbsp of coconut, and in the other, 0.5 tbsp of liquid caramel and fried peanuts.

  3. Add more milk chocolate to each cell, and freeze the ice tray again.

  4. After that, push the candy out of the cells and serve.

5. Candy with raspberries

  1. Take an ice tray and pour melted chocolate into each cell.

  2. Put 1 raspberry into each cell.

  3. Take a toothpick and push each berry into the middle.

  4. Put some ground nuts into the chocolate and put the tray into the freezer. Push the candy out and serve them.

6. Biscuit on a stick

  1. Take molds for baking and put some cake leftovers into them. Freeze them.

  2. Pierce them with wooden sticks.

  3. Dip each biscuit into condensed milk or sweet milk sauce.

  4. Put the dessert into the freezer. Serve it once it’s hardened.

7. Mini-cakes with strawberries

  1. Take 2 cups of strawberries and cut each berry into 4 pieces. Put them into a bowl and add 2 tbsp of sugar.

  2. Use a mixer to make a mass.

  3. Get an ice tray ready.

  4. As you put in the dough, make a rectangle shape and cover the ice tray. Push the dough into each cell with your finger.

  5. Put the strawberry filling into each cell.

  6. Cover the dough with another layer of dough. Make the layers stick to one another.

  7. Turn the ice tray over and cut out the mini-cakes.

  8. Put them into the oven, add some sugar on top, and bake them. Serve them while they’re hot.

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