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7 Tips for Creating Fun Food Art for Your Kids

7 Tips for Creating Fun Food Art for Your Kids

Many kids refuse to eat their food because it looks boring, but creating visually appealing dishes can be incredibly overwhelming. Food art can encourage positive feedback and is a great way to introduce meals to your kiddos in a fun way.

In this article, 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a simple guide on how to play with your food and create unique works of art that everyone will love to try.

1. Happy chicken

What you will need:

🟩 One egg

🟩 A carrot

🟩 A banana

🟩 Red beans

🟩 Cucumber

🟩 Tomato

🟢 Step 1: Break one egg into a bowl and mix it with a fork.

🟢 Step 2: Fry the egg.

🟢 Step 3: Cut the egg in an oval shape and place it on a plate. Cut 2 circle-shaped slices of cucumber and use them as eyes.

🟢 Step 4: Make small sticks with the rest of the cucumber. Cut the cucumber vertically into thin slices, then cut the slices into sticks. Place them below the egg.

🟢 Step 5: Peel one banana and cut 2 circles from it. Add wings and hair from slices of tomato and small pieces of carrot. Arrange them on the plate.

🟢 Step 6: Finish the bird by adding blueberries as eyeballs. Cut small pieces of black beans to make the brows and lashes. The bird is finished!

2. Snowman

What you will need:

🟩 Rice

🟩 A carrot

🟩 Blueberries

🟩 Beetroot

🟩 Yellow cheese

🟢 Step 1: Boil the rice and wait for it to cool off. Using measuring cups, put 2 identical balls of rice on the plate.

🟢 Step 2: Take the biggest measuring cup and make the first ball.

🟢 Step 3: Using an ice cream scoop, make 2 balls and use them as legs near the bottom snowball.

🟢 Step 4: Put blueberries as buttons on the first 2 snowballs.

🟢 Step 5: Make the head bigger by adding more rice with an ice cream scoop.

🟢 Step 6: Cut a circle from a carrot for the nose and 2 small circles from cheese as eyes. Add them to the snowman’s head.

🟢 Step 7: Cut a thin slice of carrot vertically. Make thin carrot sticks and add them as hands to both sides in the middle snowball. Cut one carrot stick into 4 halves and make fingers.

🟢 Step 8: Make the mouth and eyes from a slice of beetroot. The snowman is ready!

3. A dog

What you will need:

🟩 Squared bread

🟩 Turkey, ham, or other lunch meat

🟩 Yellow cheese

🟩 Butter

🟩 Cucumber

🟩 Black olives

🟢 Step 1: Take 3 slices of rectangular bread. Place one slice in the middle of the plate.

🟢 Step 2: Place a small plate on the second slice and cut it so that the top is semicircular.

🟢 Step 3: From the third slice of bread, make 2 triangles that will represent the ears.

🟢 Step 4: Shape the dog by placing the cut slices in order. Spread butter on top of them.

🟢 Step 5: Cut 2 semicircular shapes from one slice of yellow cheese and some lunch meat. Place them on the top of the squared slice.

🟢 Step 6: Cut 2 small circles of cucumber for the eyes.

🟢 Step 7: Cut one black olive horizontally and put the slices over the cucumber slices.

🟢 Step 8: Make the nose and the mouth from black olives, and 2 triangles from the meat. Put them on the plate.

4. A piggy

What you will need:

🟩 Squared bread

🟩 Your favorite lunch meat

🟩 Ketchup

🟩 Black olives

🟢 Step 1: Take one slice of squared bread and put it on a plate.

🟢 Step 2: Place one slice of lunch meat over it and cut the edges.

🟢 Step 3: Take another slice of lunch meat and make an ellipse with 2 circular holes in it. Place it in the middle of the bread.

🟢 Step 4: Cut one black olive in half horizontally and remove the seed.

🟢 Step 5: Cut 2 slices in a half and put them as eyes.

🟢 Step 6: Using ketchup, drop 2 drops from each side of the ellipse. Press them gently with a finger, while making small circular movements.

🟢 Step 7: Add 2 pieces of salami for the ears and the piggy is ready!

5. A cactus

What you will need:

🟩 Bread

🟩 Cucumber

🟩 Tomatoes

🟢 Step 1: Take one slice of integral bread and start cutting the hard pieces.

🟢 Step 2: Make the bread look like a flower pot.

🟢 Step 3: Using a tomato, create a design for the pots. It can be whatever shape you like.

🟢 Step 4: Start cutting leaves that look like aloe vera from the cucumber.

🟢 Step 5: Organize the leaves to form a cactus.

6. Angry bird

What you will need:

🟩 Bread

🟩 Black olives

🟩 Carrot

🟩 Lunch meat

🟩 Spinach

🟩 Banana

🟢 Step 1: Start by cutting the bread with a glass. Remove the excess bread and put it on a plate.

🟢 Step 2: Do the same procedure on a slice of lunch meat.

🟢 Step 3: Remove a triangle from the bottom of the lunch meat.

🟢 Step 4: Cut a triangle from a slice of carrot that will serve as the nose of the bird.

🟢 Step 5: Put the sliced meat on top of the bread. Add small circles made out of a banana.

🟢 Step 6: Cut small dots and semicircular shapes as brows from a black olive. Put spinach as grass and arrange it on the plate.

7. A dress

What you will need:

🟩 Spinach

🟩 Carrot

🟩 Beetroot

🟩 Sunflower seeds

🟩 Crispy corn nuts

🟢 Step 1: Get a plate and put some spinach on it. Arrange the leaves to look like the bottom of a dress.

🟢 Step 2: Put sunflower seeds that will resemble the top of the dress and crispy corn nuts that will divide the top and the bottom of the dress.

🟢 Step 3: Peel one carrot with a vegetable peeler.

🟢 Step 4: Use the peeled carrot to decorate the dress.

🟢 Step 5: Move on to the top of the dress. Add more sunflower seeds to create the sleeves.

🟢 Step 6: Peel the beetroot and create small roses that you can put on the bottom of the dress.

🟢 Step 7: The dress is ready!

Now that you know creative ways to prepare food, we will show you some creative ways to sneak it

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