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A Guide to Mushrooms and the Dishes That Can Be Prepared With Them

If you’ve ever wondered what delicious meal you can cook with mushrooms, you’ll find this article really useful.

5-Minute Crafts created a short guide to the most popular mushrooms and dishes for you.

Common mushrooms

Common mushrooms are good for soups, gravies, sauces, salads, and soufflés. Skillful chefs even stuff them with all kinds of fillings.

Porcini mushrooms

Soups, omelets, pasta, risotto—these are just a few of the dishes in which porcini mushrooms really show their flavor.


Chanterelles can be stewed in cream and fried in oil. Sautés, creamy sauces, and soups can also be cooked with them.

Honey mushrooms

The scientific name of honey mushrooms is Armillaria. The smaller the cap, the crunchier and more delicious the mushrooms will be. Blanch, pickle, make soups and goulash, or dry them for the winter —honey mushrooms will be great in any dish.

Oyster mushrooms

This edible mushroom is considered a delicacy in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines. Soups, toasts, and vegetarian oyster sauce are just a few ways of cooking oyster mushrooms.


White and black truffles are some of the most expensive ingredients in the world. They grow best in humid environments, and one rainy night is enough for a truffle to grow big. Truffles are usually served raw or added to pasta, foie gras, meat, and poultry dishes. They are also used to make truffle salt and truffle honey.


These mushrooms can boost your immune system. They are widely used in East Asian cuisine. Shiitake is good in miso soup, vegetarian dashi, and as an ingredient in steamed and simmered dishes.

Saffron milk caps

The saffron milk cap is one of the most popular mushrooms in Spanish cuisine. They can be fried whole in olive oil with a little garlic and served with olive oil and parsley.

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