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How to Eat Less Bread: 7 Alternatives

Toasts for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, rolls for dinner — wheat bread is a main food for many people. The bulk of today’s breads, on the other hand, are manufactured from refined wheat, which has been stripped of the majority of its fiber and nutrients.

5-Minute Crafts shares several products that can be used to replace white bread, which may be useful if you want to chose a healthier alternative.

1. Lettuce and leafy greens

Bread or wraps can be replaced with big-leafed greens like lettuce or romaine lettuce. It is a lower-calorie alternative.

✔️ You can put on it something that you normally put in the sandwich or wrap: meat or vegetables, and you are good to go.

2. Egg

Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. They can be used in many dishes as a protein-rich alternative to bread.

✔️ You can put fried eggs, for example, in place of the bun in burgers.

✔️ To make a keto egg wrap, add to the whisked eggs some salt and pepper and cook for 1-2 minutes.

✔️ Zucchini and cheese keto muffins made from eggs are also excellent for breakfast.

3. Tomato

Tomatoes may be considered a supporting character while making a sandwich, but this vegetable can replace the bun in it.

✔️ You just need to remove the seeds and lightly grill the tomato halves before putting a sauce, sprouts, and burger steak between them.

4. Eggplant

Eggplants can also be used to replace bread. This is a healthy and delicious option.

✔️ You can cut the large end of the purple vegetable into disks, season them as you like, and grill or bake them. Let the disks cool down, and the base for your burger is ready. There are plenty of options of what you can put inside. Bacon, chickpea, crab, curry, fish, pork, salami, shrimp, goat cheese, and herbs all that go well with eggplant.

✔️ For a deli-style sandwich, cut the eggplant lengthwise to form larger slices.

5. Sweet potato

Cooked sweet potato slices are a great and delectable alternative to bread buns, especially when it comes to burgers. This vegetable is highly nutritious, it may support healthy vision and your immune system.

✔️ You can also use it in a number of grain-free bread recipes.

6. Corn tortilla

Corn tortillas don’t contain gluten but are high in fiber, which makes them a good choice for gluten-free folks.

✔️ They can be used as sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizzas, or just with butter and cheese. Corn tortillas are simple to make because they only require two ingredients: water and masa harina, a Mexican flour.

7. Oopsie bread / cloud bread

Oopsie bread is one of the most basic and well-known low-carb breads. It is a popular wheat bread substitute that tastes great as a burger bun.

✔️ You can make it just using eggs, cream cheese, and salt. Although this type of bread has only a few ingredients, it tastes great.

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