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How to Choose Tasty Food in the Supermarket

Choosing the right products can go a long way when it comes to having a tastier meal. You’ll need to consider things like color, firmness, and other things. It’s easier said than done, though. So, we at 5-Minute Crafts have prepared a guide to help you with this.

1. Bananas

Ideally, your banana’s color will be yellow with just a bit of green at both of its ends. This means it’s in the middle of its ripening spectrum. However, if you want to eat it or use it right away, choose one that’s yellow with brown spots (already ripe). And if you happen to want to save it for later, the best one will be a bright colored one, that’s full and plump.

2. Mushrooms

The best mushrooms are fresh-looking, with a smooth appearance. They’re also firm and plump, with a dry surface (this doesn’t mean the mushroom should be dried out).

Note: The veil under the mushrooms also plays a role in their taste. An open veil with exposed gills will mean it has a richer flavor. On the other hand, a closed one suggests a more delicate flavor.

3. Bread

To begin with, the tell-tale signs of great bread start with a crispy crust. Then, look out for its aroma, since it’s often said that we first eat with our noses, it should be fragrant. It should also have a color that is not too brown (this means it was made with malt). Not too many bran leaves should be seen either (this is a sign that recomposed industrial flour was used). Lastly, pay attention to its ingredients. It should only be made with water, flour, yeast, and salt.

Pay attention to the its insides too. A good bread will not only have a bit of a glossy finish on its inside, but it will also spring back up when you press your finger lightly into it.

4. Cheese

Start by reading the label. You may want a cheese that has been made with milk or cream, salt, cultures, and enzymes. When it comes to flavored cheese, only choose what’s natural. Things like herbs, spices, real fruits, etc. Afterward, simply check it. You shouldn’t be able to see any mold or discoloration on the cheese. If you do, it might mean that the cheese isn’t at its freshest stage.

5. Ham

You may want to pick a ham that’s already been fully prepared (cured, smoked, and fully cooked). They’re called city hams. The other kind are called country hams, and they come uncooked. When it comes to curing these, it’s done by rubbing the meat directly with salt and sugar.

Then, pick a bone-in ham. It’ll have more flavor than a boneless ones, as well as a better texture. Their counterparts have their meat reshaped so they don’t fall apart, and it can give them a somewhat spongy texture. If possible, steer clear of spiral-cut hams, as these might dry out when they’re being baked.

6. Apple

Look out for how firm it is. You don’t want an apple that’s soft or mushy (however, these are usable for smoothies). Avoid any bruising or signs of decay on it too. Its color should be full for red apples because it means it has absorbed lots of sunlight, giving you a nice flavor. Lastly, its smell should be pleasant to the nose.

7. Orange

Go for heavier and firm oranges with a fine texture. The color doesn’t matter here, since the greenish ones might be as tasty as the orange ones, just make sure they don’t have any soft spots or that they don’t feel spongy to the touch.

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