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How to Dice Tomatoes Like a Chef

Dicing tomatoes without crushing them can be difficult. However, diced tomatoes are a must for many dishes, including salsas and salads. Fortunately, you can try some easy techniques to complete this task successfully in no time.

5-Minute Crafts has created this guide with 3 simple ways to dice tomatoes for your next recipe.

❗Important: For better results, use a serrated knife (the same one you use for cutting bread), as it will prevent squishing the interior of the tomato.

Method 1

Step 1: Slice the tomato into rounds.

Cut thin slices for smaller cubes and thicker slices for larger cubes. Make sure that they’re cut evenly.

Step 2: Join a few slices in a stack and cut them into strips.

As you do, keep the strips close to each other in the same circle shape.

Step 3: Place the strips in a 90º position and dice them.

Method 2

Step1: Hold the tomato and remove the top part.

Step 2: Make vertical cuts.

Make sure not to cut across the tomato.

Step 3: Make horizontal cuts.

Afterward, your tomato should look like the one in the second image.

Step 4: Cut the tomato into cubes.

Method 3

Step 1: Hold the tomato and cut it into halves, lengthwise.

Step 2: Remove the stem by cutting “V” shapes into the top part of each piece.

Step 3: Cut each half of the tomato into wedges.

Step 4: Remove the core of each wedge by sliding your knife between the flesh and the pulp.

Step 5: Cut each piece into halves, lengthwise.

Step 6: Cut the strips into cubes.

Bonus: How to cut cherry tomatoes into halves easily.

Step 1: Place the tomatoes between 2 plastic lids with a rim.

The bottom lid must have its rim side up, and the top lid must have its rim side down. Use flat lids with a rim to cut the tomatoes evenly. At the same time, you will need a serrated knife that is as long as the widest section of the lids.

Step 2: Slightly press the top lid down to hold the tomatoes in place and cut across them.

Make sure not to press too much so that you don’t crush the tomatoes.

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