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How to Easily Carve Fruits and Veggies

Nicely cut and carved fruits and vegetables have a way of making everyone hungry. This light snack will perfectly complement the main dish, while a couple of plates with carved fruits can decorate a dessert table. The good news is that everyone who has the desire to do so, can master the art of carving vegetables and fruits.

5-Minute Crafts is going to show you how to cut and carve products beautifully before serving them. By the way, in order to avoid the darkening of vegetables and fruits after cutting, it’s recommended to sprinkle them with lemon juice.


Cut the watermelon into large pieces, then cut each of them in half. Then make long crosscuts on these halves, but don’t cut all the way to the watermelon’s rind. Turn the cut pieces so that the squares of watermelon you get fall right into the plate.

Decoration: Place kiwi cut into circles on the edge of the plate and put the watermelon cubes in the center.


Take a bunch of bananas and cut off their ends. Then cut the fruits lengthwise in half. Cut off the opposite end of the bananas. Arrange the halves on the table with the pulp facing up and cut them to make small pieces.

Decoration: When serving place the pieces on a plate, it’s now easy to get the banana pieces from the peel and put them into your mouth.


Cut off the pineapple’s edges, its top, and its bottom, and remove the tough peel. Zigzag the top edge of the fruit to form a crown. Cut small V-shaped crevasses in the pineapple lengthwise and then lay it on its side and slice it into pieces.

Decoration: Put the whole pieces of the pineapple on a plate, or cut them in half, and decorate with berries so that you get bright yellow flowers with some contrast in the center.


Cut the leek diagonally at the top and bottom. Pierce its center with an ordinary wooden toothpick. Unfold the leek’s layers so that you get a flower.

Decoration: Cut a cucumber into small pieces. Fix a leek flower on a circle of cucumber with the help of a toothpick and place a cherry tomato on its sharp end. Decorate with greenery.


Prune the pepper 1-1.25 inches from its edge in a zigzag shape. Set aside the bottom (long) part of the vegetable. Take a slice of salami or ham and cut it in half. Roll the halves that you get the shape of a cone and place them into the upper part of the pepper so that you get what looks like a flower bud.

Decoration: Place the buds you made from the sausage and peppers. Make the trunk of the plant and its leaves from the pepper leftovers.


Carefully make the cuts in the shape of a leaf at the top of the apple as shown in the photo above. Now move the pieces of the apple along with the cuts so that you get a cross.

Decoration: Make leaves from cucumber peels and fix them with the help of a toothpick on the apple. Put a blueberry in the center.

Apple (in the shape of a butterfly)

Take a slice of an apple 0.5-0.75 inches wide. Carefully separate the peel from the pulp, from the top to the middle of the fruit on one side. Remove the core by trimming the apple piece so that it resembles a butterfly’s wing. Make 2 holes with the help of a straw. Now cut the piece lengthwise in half but don’t cut the peel — it will be joining the halves and when you unfold them, you’ll get a butterfly.

Decoration: Put fruits that have been cut into slices and circles on a plate, place the apple butterflies on top.


Take a small cucumber and cut it in half. Carefully remove a small part of its peel, cut the vegetable into pieces 2-3 mm wide. Pierce the cucumber with a toothpick on one side so that it holds the slices securely, and then unfold them in a circle.

Decoration: Place a cucumber cut in this style onto a plate and hide the upper end of the toothpick by placing a cherry tomato on it.

Cucumber (in the shape of a heart)

Take a cucumber and cut a piece of it about 3 inches wide diagonally. Cut it in half. Unfold the halves so that they form a heart. Cut it lengthwise several times.

Decoration: Arrange the cucumber slices in the shape of hearts on a plate, decorate with greenery and tomatoes.

Cucumber (in the shape of a Christmas tree)

Split the cucumber in half. Take one half and place wooden skewers alongside it. Hold them with one hand and tightly-close to the cucumber and slice the vegetable. Remove the skewers and fold the cucumber into a circle, joining the edges.

Decoration: Place 3 cucumber circles of different diameters so that you get a Christmas tree. You can put a radish or a cherry tomato on top.

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