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How to Fry Fish

Fried fish is amazing: it cooks quickly and it’s very good for you. But to make it really tasty, you need to know a few secrets.

5-Minute Crafts offers 2 universal ways of cooking almost any fish in a frying pan.

Kitchen utensils

To fry fish, you need:

  • a cutting board
  • a knife
  • a non-stick frying pan


  • fish (salmon, cod, hake, tilapia, trout, flounder)

  • wheat flour

  • oil for frying

  • salt

  • pepper

  • lemon

How to cook

  • Peel the fish and cut it into steaks. The most important rule: all the pieces should be the same thickness to be fried equally.

  • If you are using frozen fish, it’s better to defrost it first for 30 minutes at room temperature.

  • Blot the fish with a paper towel to remove the excess water.

  • Salt the fish in advance and put it aside for 10 minutes. The salt will soak into the pieces deeper and you can use pretty much any salt you like.

  • Next step — decide if you want to use batter. You can make great fish with or without batter. We’ll show you both options.

  • If you decide to use batter, put the flour onto a deep plate, and cover the fish pieces with the flour.

  • If you are not planning to use batter, you can skip this step.

  • Put some oil in the frying pan. There should be enough oil for the fish to fry fast and well.

  • Heat the frying pan up to an average temperature. Don’t let the oil make smoke: it could be bad for your health.

  • Put the fish in a warm pan.

  • Fry the pieces for 3-4 minutes on each side. If the pieces are thinner than ours, you’ll only need around 2-3 minutes.

  • Don’t turn the pieces until they are fried on one side. If you do, there is a risk they will fall apart.

  • Once the fish gets dark on both sides, you can take the pieces out of the oil.

  • Fried fish has to be served hot, right after it’s cooked.

  • As side dishes, you can use potatoes, rice, quinoa, or just lemon pieces.

  • Fish can also be sprinkled with lemon juice, if you want.

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