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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Cake

You can prepare a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Cake with ease. To do so, you need just an hour or 2 of your time, and you don’t even have to bake it if you’re not up to it.

Check out this recipe by 5-Minute Crafts for the details.

1. Gather the ingredients.

To make a Valentine’s Day Cake, you need the following ingredients:

  • 3/4 ounce (20 grams) of vanilla instant pudding mix
  • A cup (approx. 250 ml) of cold milk
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  • 8 ounces (200 grams) of frozen whipped topping
  • A teaspoon or 2 of red food coloring
  • 2 cakes — one square, the other round — approximately 26 cm (10 in) long in diameter (you can buy them in a store)
  • Optional decorations, such as sprinkles and hearts

Note: This version uses store-bought square cakes and decorations. If you wish to make your cakes at home, you can try this recipe. You’ll then need a round baking dish and a square baking dish to make a heart-shaped cake.

❗️If you have square cakes only, continue to Step 2. If you have or can make a round and a square cake, proceed to Step 3 directly.

2. Turn a square cake into a round one.

If you have square cakes, do the following:

  1. Unpack both cakes and set one aside.
  2. Mark the center of each side of the cake. Using those points as a reference, measure 5 cm (2 in) from there to the left and right on horizontal sides or up and down on vertical sides. Repeat this step for all the sides of the cake.
  3. Use a knife to connect the closest markings of the neighboring sides with a slightly curved line. Lastly, cut corners along the lines to get a round cake.

3. Prepare the filling.

The next step is to prepare the filling you’ll use for coating.

  1. Combine cold milk, confectioner’s sugar, and the vanilla instant pudding mix in a bowl and beat until the mixture thickens to become velvety.
  2. Add whipped topping and food coloring to the mix.
  3. Stir for a few minutes until you mix everything well.

4. Coat the resulting Valentine’s Day cake.

The final steps are:

  1. Cut the round cake in half.
  2. Place the halves of the cut cake on 2 adjacent sides of the square cake to get a heart shape.
  3. Coat the top and the sides of the Valentine’s Day Cake with the filling you prepared earlier.
  4. Apply decorations any way you wish and enjoy the cake.
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