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How to Make Cream at Home

Cream is one of the most versatile dairy products that you can have when cooking. It’s a great add-on to both sweet and savory dishes, and it’s very easy to make at home. 5-Minute Crafts wants to share an easy recipe with you so you can make it yourself. You’ll only need 2 ingredients to make it.

Ingredients (for 2 cups or 400 ml)

  • 1 cup of whole milk
  • 6 tbsp of unsalted butter

Step 1

  • Place the butter and the milk in a pot. Heat over a low fire and stir using a hand mixer until the butter has completely dissolved in the milk. Make sure that the milk doesn’t boil at this point.

  • It’s important that you use whole milk and unsalted butter to really get the best texture and flavor of cream. If you still decide to go for salted butter, you will probably only be able to use the resulting cream in savory dishes, so you’re limiting your options.

Step 2

  • Once the butter has melted and mixed with the milk, remove the pot from the heat. Let the mix sit for about 20 to 30 minutes and wait for it to cool down. You will see that the mixture has acquired a slightly thicker texture. That’s normal.

Step 3

  • If you want to get a perfectly homogeneous mixture, mix the resulting cream a little more using an electric or manual mixer for about 3 to 5 minutes. After beating it very well, you will see that the mixture no longer has that yellow color that butter normally has.

  • Pour the cream into a container with an airtight lid and refrigerate it for 5 hours before consumption.

A few tips you might want to consider

  • Enjoy the cream with pasta, fresh fruit, or other dishes. You can add sugar or salt, depending on your preference and the type of dish you’re making.

  • Always keep the cream in the fridge in a container with a lid. Remember that this dairy product can only last for up to 2 weeks if stored in the right conditions.

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