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How to Make Mosaic Jelly Cake

Jell-O is one of the simplest and fastest desserts we can prepare at home. So, why not upgrade this regular on the menu? You can make an artistic, colorful, and delicious dessert: A mosaic gelatin cake. Best of all, you can mix your favorite flavors, and it’s actually easier to make than many people think.

5-Minute Crafts guides you step-by-step on making this dessert.


For the flavored jellies, you will need:

  • 4 boxes of gelatin in different flavors (20 g each)

  • 600 ml water for each box

For the milk gelatin, you will need:

  • 5 tbsp flavorless gelatin

  • ½ cup water for the gelatin

  • 1 liter of water for the flavorless gelatin

  • 750 ml milk

  • 294 ml condensed milk (one can)

  • 343 ml evaporated milk (one can)

  • 225 ml table cream

  • 1 tbsp vanilla


1. Heat the 2.4 liters of water you need to prepare the flavored jellies.

2. Once the water’s boiling, remove it from the heat. Separate 600 ml into each gelatin box. Place the contents of each package in different containers to cook them. Mix 600 ml of hot water with each flavor and stir thoroughly to remove any lumps.

3. Allow the jelly mixes to cool slightly, then place them in different ovenware containers. Once they’re cool, put them in the refrigerator and wait until they’re set.

4. Once they’re ready, start preparing the milk jelly. To do this, place the 5 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin in a bowl and add in ½ cup of water. Set it to the side.

5. In another bowl, pour the regular milk, the condensed milk, the evaporated milk, the table cream, and the vanilla essence. Stir to incorporate all the ingredients.

6. Once the mixture’s ready, heat 2 cups of it, and pour it into the unflavored gelatin so that it melts inside. Next, add in the rest of the water you need to make the milk gelatin.

7. While the milk mixture is cooling, cut the flavored gelatin blocks into cubes.

8. Place the gelatin squares inside a mold distributing the colors evenly. Next, pour in the milk gelatin until it covers the entire mold.

9. Refrigerate for a few hours until the gelatin is set.

10. Serve topped with a little condensed milk (optional).

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