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How to Make Sandwich Wraps

When you slap some ingredients inside 2 slices of bread, you get a sandwich. If you place your favorite fillings on a thin flatbread, roll it into an open-end or a closed piece, that’s a wrap. They seem easy to make, and everyone has their way of folding them. Whether rolled into a cylinder or folded like an envelope, ensure it’s nice and tight to avoid spillage.

5-Minute Crafts prepared an ultimate guide to show you the ropes on securing the edges of your wraps to relish fully while eating.

Way 1: closed-end envelope wrap

To enjoy your packed wraps with tasty ingredients, make sure your filling doesn’t fall out while eating. First, prepare your tortilla and stuffing, then move on to the envelope-like folding method.

Step 1. Place your ingredients on the bottom half of the 10-inch (25 centimeters) tortilla, and leave the top part empty. Try not to fill the tortilla’s entire surface with filling.

Step 2. Using both hands, making a vertical rectangle shape, fold in the sides of the tortilla.

Step 3. With the help of your thumbs, roll the bottom part over to the middle.

Step 4. Keep rolling until it’s all rolled up.

Way 2: open-ended wrap

Step 1. Avoiding overloading, place the filling on the left side of the tortilla, leaving about 4 inches (10 centimeters) on the right side.

Step 2. Start folding from the unfilled right side toward the center. This way, you’ll cover a small part of the filling.

Step 3. Then lay the top right corner toward the center.

Step 4. You’ll see an unfolded part on the bottom left side; fold it toward the middle.

Step 5. Then bring the final unfolded tortilla over.

Way 3: half-moon (triangle) wrap

Step 1. After placing your favorite ingredients on the tortilla, cut a straight slit up to the center of the tortilla using a knife or kitchen scissors.

Step 2. Starting with one of the sides next to the cut, fold the first quarter over the second one.

Step 3. Next, fold the second quarter over the third.

Step 4. Finally, place the last quarter on the third one, and you’ll have a triangle.

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