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How to Make Tea

If you know exactly what steps to follow, you can make a great cup of tea in a matter of minutes. We at 5-Minute Crafts have prepared a quick and easy guide to help you with this.

Step 1

  • Place one tea bag in the cup you’ll drink the tea in.

Step 2

  • Boil freshly drawn water. You’ll want to pour it over your tea as soon at it reaches boiling point, but be careful not to over-boil it as this might cause your tea to have a flat taste.

Step 3

  • After you’ve reached your desired brewing time, remove the teabag from the cup.

Step 4

  • Lastly, choose whether you’d like to add milk to your tea, or not.
  • Now your tea is ready.

Bonus: The difference between black and green tea

  • Even though they come from the same plant, black tea’s leaves present themselves in a dark brown color because they’re rolled and then exposed to air (triggering their oxidation process). As for green tea leaves, they’re processed to prevent their oxidation.
  • When it comes to their flavor, black tea is strong and you’ll be able to taste notes of fruit, malt, honey, and even spice. On the other hand, green tea is lighter and will provide you with nutty and vegetal notes.

Do you have any other ways of making tea? What’s your favorite kind of tea?

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