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How to Quickly Cook Corn on the Cob

Those who like corn on the cob know that cooking it can take a lot of time. But, still, there is a simple and fast way to peel and cook the vegetable within several minutes.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you how to cook corn on the cob the fastest way with the help of a microwave.

Step #1

Place the corn into a microwave without removing the husks. When cooked this way, it is steamed in its own juices and absorbs the aroma of the husks.

Step #2

Cook the corn in the microwave on a high setting for 4 minutes.


  • All microwaves are different — choose settings based on your experience of using this particular appliance.
  • In order to cook several portions at once, add 2 minutes for each additional cob of corn but don’t cook more than 4 at once.

Step #3

Get the corn out of the microwave with the help of a pot holder or a towel. Be careful — the corn can be very hot.

Step #4

Cut off the bottom part of the corn and the stem with a sharp knife.

Step #5

Remove the husk. To do this, pull it up with the help of a pot holder or a towel as not to get burned. Your corn on the cob is ready!

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