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How to Take Cool Food Photos

To take a great food photo you can’t just simply snap it, you have to follow some rules to end up with great results. 5-Minute Crafts has written down 5 simple techniques you can use to step up the level of your food pictures.

1. Shoot in natural light.

Natural light allows you to see the nuances in your pictures that a flash doesn’t, so you should always give preference to natural light. If you’re shooting inside, use the light that comes from the window.

2. Choose your angle.

The placement of the camera affects the story of the food. You should always shoot from an angle that best shows the qualities of your food by considering its size, shape, and height. For example, if it’s a tall dish like a cupcake, you should shoot if from the front. If you want to fit several elements into a photo, an overhead angle will work best.

3. Surround the dish.

Always play with the background of your food and use the empty spaces to tell a story. Surround your dish with ingredients and props that relate to the food itself.

4. Create a story.

As already mentioned before, it’s important to create a story when taking pictures of food, so they are more emotional. Add more elements to your photo that aren’t directly related to your dish. A cup of tea or an open book are good choices, as they give a feeling of coziness and warmth.

5. Add a human touch.

Make your food pictures more interesting and unique by adding a human element to it. It creates a sense of presence for the viewer and they can connect more with the food.

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