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How to Test for Steak Doneness

There are all kinds of gadgets, thermometers, and more for measuring the internal temperature of the meat. But there is a simpler way to check for this without using any complicated tools except your hands.

5-Minute Crafts will show you how to test steak doneness.


Before starting, you need to know how a raw steak feels. This can be done by relaxing your hands and then opening your palm. Push the fleshy region between the thumb and the base of the palm with your other hand’s index finger. This is what uncooked meat feels like.

1. Rare

Put the tip of your index finger and thumb together, but don’t squeeze them hard. And touch the fleshy part right under the thumb. That’s what steak cooked to rare should feel like. Then open your hand and make a comparison to a raw one.

2. Medium rare

For a medium-rare steak, put your middle finger and thumb together without using too much pressure. Then feel the fleshly part to know how the meat is cooked.

3. Medium

Gently press the tip of your ring finger to the thumb. The fleshy part under the thumb should feel like a medium-done steak.

4. Medium well

Again, press your pinky and thumb together. In the same way as before, feel that fleshy part underneath the thumb. That is what a medium-well steak should feel like.

5. Well done

Repeat the same process, but this time, put your thumb over the pinky finger. And do the same thing by feeling that part. This is what a well-done steak should feel like.

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