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What Kinds of Baking Dishes There Are, and How to Choose the Right One

When you’re into baking, it’s important to understand that it’s not about having just 1 or 2 aluminum-based cake pans handy. Baking is treated as an art, and when you’re working on your masterpiece, you’ll want to choose from a variety of bakeware to suit your specific needs.

That being said, let 5-Minute Crafts take you on a journey to help you choose the ideal baking pans for your kitchen.

A: material

  • Glass conducts heat well, is easy to clean, doesn’t stain, and can be used in the oven and kept in the fridge easily.
  • Non-stick contains steel/aluminum bearing a non-stick coating, allowing food to be easily released from the surface of the bakeware, and it’s easy to clean.
  • Silicone can be malleable and colorful, and it can withstand high temperatures better than glass and metal, plus it’s safe to use. But it’s a poor heat conductor.
  • Stoneware distributes heat evenly and retains the warmth of food for longer.

B: types

1. Round cake pan

This type of bakeware helps in making round desserts, preferably cakes. This is the most commonly preferred baking pan because it allows for an even distribution of heat, which further helps your cake to bake properly and in a timely manner. This makes them a time-saving device as well. Round cake pans are also available in many heights. If you’re a newbie to baking, go for a 6-inch (15 cm) or 7-inch (18 cm) round baking tin. If you want to make multiple cake layers, then opt for a deeper round tin.

2. Square and rectangular baking pans

If you love baking brownies, chocolate fudge, or no-bake bars, then this bakeware is ideal for you. As it’s equal on all sides, it also lets you make nicely proportioned quantities of anything and everything you’re using the pan for. If you’re new to this, you can get an 8×8-inch (20×20 cm) or 9×9-inch pan (23×23 cm).

Rectangle pans are the same as square pans — the only difference is the dimensions. You can also use this pan for making swiss rolls or sheet cakes.

3. Sheet pan

This type of bakeware consists of shallow and flat baking sheets equipped with a low rim. The latter helps you to line the pan with a baking sheet easily without it slipping off. Apart from baking cookies, you can also use these for cooking meat, roasting veggies, and much more. They are also easy to clean and store. The ideal size you should buy is 12×16 inches (30×40 cm).

4. Muffin pan

As the name suggests, this bakeware is ideal for baking muffins, cupcakes, and many other innovative dishes. You can also make little scones in it, as it is designed to create bite-sized treats. There are also many varieties of muffin pans available on the basis of size, ranging from mini to extra large. It is recommended to grease the pan first before you use it to prevent anything from sticking to it.

5. Loaf pan

This versatile pan is also called a bread pan, but it isn’t only meant for baking bread. You can also make both savory and non-savory dishes in it. These pans have taller sides, which makes them ideal for baking. In other words, you can fill them without worrying about the ingredients spilling out. These pans are usually rectangular in shape and deep-walled. You can also make meatloaf in it.

6. Bundt pan

Bundt cake pans can help you make beautiful cakes, and you don’t have to add further decoration to the final result. It bears an adorned fluting and has designs on the sides and the top. The tubing in the middle makes the cake flexible and denser. And because of the tubing, the cake will have a hole in the middle. The only disadvantage of this type of pan is that it’s tricky to store and can be hard to clean.

7. Springform pan

This cake pan bears walls that are removable from the base of the pan. For securing the walls to the pan’s bottom, you may need to use a latch. And for removing them, you just have to open up the latch. The most common size for a springform pan is a 9-inch round. You can also look for other shapes, like rectangles, squares, and hearts.

This pan is ideal for making desserts like cheesecakes and tortes that can’t be inverted to be removed from the pan. This is also ideal for making wedding cakes to get that perfect shape.

8. Casserole dish (baking dish)

This bakeware also serves as a serving dish. It is a large, deep pan that can be used to bake amazing recipes in the oven, like brownies, cobbler, cornbread, meats, lasagna, and poultry. The most preferable casserole dish size is 9×13×2 inches (23×33×5 cm). They can be made of stoneware or glass.

9. Roasting pan

The roasting pan is a large and deep pan that bears a removable rack inside for meat to sit on top of. Its size is big enough to hold veggies and other ingredients in the bottom where everything gets mixed with the meat’s juices, absorbing all the great flavor. High-quality roasting pans can be reused and are made of coated enamelware, stainless steel, covered clay, or cast iron.

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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