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14 Toy Deals That Can Help Develop Your Kids’ Intellect

Toys are incredibly important for a child, and using the right kinds can have a positive effect on their learning processes. Different toys stimulate different areas of the brain and help them develop various skills. 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a list showcasing some of the best deals on developmental toys that are both fun and educational.

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1. Shape sorter

Buy the Melissa & Doug Match and Roll Shape Sorter here.

A timeless toy that develops critical skills, such as shape recognition, color recognition and dexterity, the sorter is one of the best toy options for babies around 12 months old. This wooden shape sorter is also stimulating because of its shape, allowing it to be rolled around. Due to its sturdy construction, this is a toy that can be enjoyed for years.

2. Learning blocks

Buy the Mega Bloks 150 pcs Let’s Get Learning Blocks here.

The great benefit of these learning blocks is that some of them are labeled with numbers and basic math symbols, opening up a world of learning opportunities that develop skills like color recognition, mathematics, and problem-solving, making it perfect for kids who are 12 months old and beyond. Other building blocks have different basic designs and shapes, giving your child even more ways to play.

3. Stack and count toy

Buy the Melissa & Doug Stack and Count Parking Garage here.

Featuring 10 wooden cars that can be stacked and counted, as well as be used as stand-alone toys, this stack and count toy will provide a great opportunity for 3+ year old kids to develop motor and math skills that are a little bit more complex than what other developmental toys offer. Its design also develops the pincer grasp, which is needed for when your kid develops their writing skills.

4. Abacus

Buy the Melissa & Doug Abacus here.

The fact that the human race has been using the abacus for thousands of years is a testament to its greatness as a counting tool and developmental toy. Recommended for 3+ year olds, this abacus comes with 100 beads, making it the perfect tool to develop counting skills and basic mathematics.

5. Bucket balance toy

Buy the Learning Resources Baby Bear Balance Set here.

This toy makes counting a very interactive and entertaining activity thanks to the 102 colored bears that come bundled in, which can be balanced in 2 separate buckets. It’s also a fun way to introduce your kid to measurement concepts, making this toy as effective as it is fun.

6. Marble run toy

Buy the Galt Toys Super Marble Run here.

Take run-of-the-mill marbles and turn them into your kid’s favorite toy with this 60-piece construction set. A toy like this is a great way to further develop fine motor and problem-solving skills thanks to the wide array of possibilities your child will have to build both simple and complex structures where a marble has to get from a starting point to the goal. It is recommended for children 4 years old and up.

7. Brick box construction set

Buy the Lego Classic Large Brick Box Construction Set here.

The perfect toy for creative kids ages 4 and up, this set comes with a whopping 790 pieces that can be used to build all sorts of creations and structures. What’s more, this set also includes construction ideas that can be followed to get fun mini-models that can become part of your kid’s new world. With 33 different colors, the possibilities for building are endless.

8. Butterfly growing kit

Buy the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden here.

Teach your kid about the fascinating process of metamorphosis and the insect world with this complete kit! This kit comes with all the necessary instructions, a reusable pop-up habitat, a feeding pipette, and a voucher that you can claim online to receive baby caterpillars that you can watch grow into beautiful butterflies.

9. Equivalency cubes

Buy the Learning Resources Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes here.

Equivalency cubes are a great way for kids 5 years old and up to learn and strengthen their math skills in a more visual way, as the different sides of each cube express the same quantity in different equivalencies. This is also a fun and visual way to start learning about things like fractions and percentages.

10. BrainBox

Buy BrainBox Science (also available in 18 other topics) here.

Designed for children ages 7 to 11, BrainBox is a great way to get a quick brain workout on topics that your kids are interested in. The premise is simple — just look at one of the cards for 10 seconds and see how much you can remember. With 55 game cards and 440 questions, this game offers a lot of replayability as well as an opportunity for your kid to become an expert on different topics.

11. Magnetic construction set

Buy the Geomag Confetti (88 pieces) here.

Get the most out of magnetism with this construction set! Consisting of metallic balls and magnetized rods, your kid will be able to put their creativity to the test and build all sorts of sturdy structures, all powered by the beauty of magnets. Through the use of this toy, your kid will also learn about geometry, engineering, and gravity.

12. Gemstone dig kit

Buy the National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit here.

Introduce your kid to the wonderful world of geology with this kit equipped with all the tools needed in order to dig up gemstones. Join them and follow the included instructions to find 3 genuine precious stones, amethyst, quartz, and tiger’s eye, all inside a big brick. This is a great way to encourage a new hobby as well since this could motivate them to start their own rock collection.

13. Rubik’s cube set

Buy the Coolzon 4-Pack Magic Cube Set here.

Solving a Rubik’s cube is challenging, but it’s a great way to develop your eye-hand coordination, reflexes, memory, and concentration, among other things. This pack with different types of Rubik’s puzzles offers kids the perfect opportunity to start out with a simpler puzzle before attempting to tackle more challenging things later on.

14. Junior Colourbrain

Buy Junior Colourbrain here.

Colourbrain is a simple yet entertaining game the whole family can participate in. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this is a board game where participants have to guess the color of different things by using cards in their hands. If you get the answer correct and somebody else gets it wrong, you get a point, and the first person to reach 10 points takes the win.

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