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How to Store Toys

The secret to storing your kids’ toys is not only in knowing how to classify or find space for all of them, it’s in doing it in a fun, strategic, and easy way so that your child can find their toy anytime and place it back without making a mess around the house. So make sure you don’t miss the tips that 5-Minute Crafts has created for you.

1. Classify your toys according to your needs.

When you need to organize a bunch of toys in a way that would be easy to handle both for you and your child, you have no option but to think of a method to follow. Labeling the containers is highly recommended here, regardless of the method. The easiest way would be to separate toys into groups the way you feel might work for you.

  • Color: Organize toys by color: this can refer to legos or other small toys with one predominant color. You can even place children’s books on shelves by making a color gradation, as it is both fun and aesthetically pleasing. Just label each drawer with a color and place the corresponding lego brick there. You can also use transparent vases for storing lego bricks, which won’t require labeling.
  • Size: The smaller the toy, the bigger the group is. Place small toys in storage containers that are then put in bigger containers. Another option, for instance, could be using shoe racks that can later be placed on a door, offering a lot of storage space. Drawstring bags are also a good solution.
  • Number: If you assign each toy a number, then you can later put them in corresponding baskets or other containers.
  • Type: Try to classify them in groups, such as “stuffed animals,” “car toys,” “dolls,” “legos,” “wooden toys,” or whatever feels logical to you and your child. This way, you will always know where each toy belongs.

2. Install smart furniture.

Having smart furniture is an excellent idea, as it is designed for space-saving purposes while being both stylish and multifunctional.

  • Toy hammocks allow you to hang toys over the child’s bed, as they’re fun and accessible.
  • Use stuffed animals as a filling for a beanbag chair. This is an awesome tip because your child can use the beanbag chair both to sit on and as toy storage.
  • hanging flower planet might seem unusual, but it can serve as quite interesting decor and storage space for stuffed animals in your kids’ rooms.
  • A pegboard can be used for hanging craft supplies. A pegboard next to a desk can be very handy for holding your child’s craft supplies. Besides providing storage space, this original idea can make your kids’ walls look very cool.
  • A parking garage made of tube-shaped material is an original idea for putting your toy cars on display.

3. Use toy containers.

Toy containers can be appealing to the eye and spacious as well.

  • Use baskets. For toy storage, we mean baskets made of any material, be that plastic baskets, canvas baskets, or woven baskets (perfect for stuffed animals).
  • Use bins. Plastic bins, fabric bins, bins with tops, drawers, and other containers are also very practical. Place the toys you kid barely plays with in plastic containers and store them in the garage or in a storage room. You can later give them away or even make use of them again.
  • Use clear jars and caddies to keep track of the number of art supplies you’ve got in stock. Utensil caddies are also perfect for colored pencils.
  • Plastic drawers/containers (i.e. Tupperware), pencil cases, metal buckets are all great for storing smaller toys that are usually easy to lose and hard to find.

4. Use all kinds of shelves.

You can use a variety of types of shelves for storing your toys. For example, simple shelves or flexible modular shelves are designed to be easy to configure and reassemble according to your needs, or floating shelves in the shape of clouds can be used in baby rooms. Feel free to add baskets of different colors to make the shelving look fun.

Attention! Make sure shelves or cabinets are low enough for your kids to prevent heavy toys from falling on them.

  • Use a simple shelf as a garage. Place toy cars on a simple shelf by color, size, or type. This way, your kid can have their own little toy garage available for everyone to admire.
  • Magnetic knife blocks (or other magnet pieces) attached to the wall can be used to keep your kids’ toy cars organized and pleasing to the eye.
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