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How to Win at Battleship

Battleship is a game where luck plays a certain role. However, if you know the optimal algorithm of steps, you can decrease the number of times you lose.

5-Minute Crafts will teach you to win in the game of Battleship even if you are playing with the luckiest of opponents.

Basic rules

The field consists of 100 squares: 10 vertical lines and 10 horizontal ones. The squares are numbered 1-10 and A-J.

You need to place 10 ships: 1 battleship (4 decks), 2 cruisers (3 decks), 3 destroyers (2 decks), and 4 patrol boats (1 deck).

  • The ships should touch each other either with the sides or the corners.
  • You can’t curve the ships.

The goal: Destroy the opponent’s fleet.

How you play: In turns, each player shoots and tries to hit the ships of their opponent. If you hit a ship, you make another move. You continue to make moves until the first time you miss.

How to place ships correctly

The idea is to make the opponent spend the most time trying to hit the smallest ships. For that, you need to give the patrol boats as much space around them as possible.

Big ships, even destroyers, should be placed on the edges of the field. The density affects how effective the placement is. If your opponent hits a battleship in the middle of the field, 14 squares will be eliminated from the game. But if this ship is in the corner, only 6 squares are eliminated.

By placing big ships on the edges, you leave 60 possible squares for small ships. The chances of hitting them accidentally are 2-3 times less than if you place all of the ships randomly. Above, you can see the examples of ship placements that can help you survive the longest. You can use and modify them.

How to shoot better

Your chances are better of hitting the biggest ship than hitting the smallest ones, so try to destroy it as early as possible. You will also eliminate the squares next to it.

1. Divide the field into 4×4 sections, and you will have smaller pieces on the sides. There are several combinations for how you can shoot the squares while looking for the battleship. Choose one and start shooting. Once you hit the ship, finish it, and don’t shoot the neighboring squares.

2. When looking for 3-deck ships, divide the field into 3×3 areas. Choose one of the tactics shown above. Again, you can rotate and modify the tactics, just don’t miss the ship.

3. Keep looking for destroyers and patrol boats. The latter really depends on your luck.

Recommendation: Don’t forget to change your strategies and try different options. Watch what your opponent does. Use new knowledge and win.

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