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10 Beauty Tricks Using a Spoon

There are several beauty products and tools that can be used to get glowing skin and achieve flawless makeup. Nevertheless, to get the finishing touch we desire, we can also use common utensils that we have at home at no extra cost.

5-Minute Crafts has gathered some of the best beauty tricks that you can do with a spoon.

1. Reducing the swelling of the bags under your eyes

This trick will come in handy when you want to get rid of those bags that appear under your eyes or if you simply want to freshen up your look. Put a couple of spoons in the freezer for at least half an hour. Then place them under your eyes and move them gently toward the direction of your ears. This massage will decrease the swelling of the bags brought about by tiredness or water retention.

2. Tracing the perfect eye outline

Applying eyeliner and making both eyes look symmetrical requires a solid technique and a bit of patience. If you don’t have enough time to practice and you always make mistakes along the way, then a spoon may help you.

Use the handle to draw a straight line, holding it against the external corner of your eye. Then, take advantage of the round edge to create a curved line on top of the first one, joining both lines and filling in the empty space to achieve the finishing touch.

3. Avoiding mascara smudges

If you have long eyelashes or struggle when applying mascara, you can place a spoon with the back side pointing outward over your lower eyelashes when applying makeup. Thus, you’ll only smudge the spoon and not your skin. If you have time to spare, wait for a few seconds until the makeup is dry to get better results.

4. Fixing compact makeup

If the makeup in your powder compact, like eyeshadow or blush, has fallen onto the floor and is completely broken, apply a few drops of alcohol to it and press it down firmly using the back of a spoon. Once dry, you can reuse it.

5. Getting arched eyebrows

If you want perfect eyebrows, guide yourself using a large spoon to give them an arched shape. Place the back side of the spoon pointing outward over your eye and outline your brows with a pencil. Afterward, fill it in with gentle movements until you get the perfect look.

6. Quickly removing pimples

Applying heat on blackheads or blind pimples may help them heal faster. To achieve this, submerge a spoon in hot water for a few minutes and place the back side on the pimple until the utensil gets cold. We suggest checking the temperature of the spoon using your wrist, so you don’t burn yourself.

7. Face contouring

Use a spoon as a guideline when applying blush or illuminator for a symmetrical contour. Press the handle against your cheekbone and apply makeup under the most prominent part. This trick will bring more glow to your complexion and you’ll avoid any asymmetry in the makeup between both cheeks.

8. Massaging your skin

This trick is pretty useful if you want to decongest your skin and increase its elasticity. Use the back side of the spoon to massage the main lines of the face. Move it in an upward and outward direction. This will help you boost blood flow and give you a fresh and well-rested appearance. You can use 2 spoons to massage both sides of the face simultaneously.

9. Curling your eyelashes

If you want to show off long and curled lashes, this is one of the oldest and most efficient beauty tricks in the book.

Place the edge of the spoon over the root line of your upper lashes. Gently, use your thumb to press the lashes against the spoon and slide it toward the end of the lashes. Be careful to not apply too much pressure against the steel edge so you don’t pluck them out or damage them.

10. Painting your nails with a marble effect

To get artsy nails, pour a few drops of 2 different tones of nail polish into a spoon, and slightly mix them with a hairpin or any other sharp-pointed object. Next, carefully place your nail on the polish so that it sticks to the nail’s surface. Quickly remove the excess polish with a towel, a Q-Tip, or a wet cloth.

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