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10 Pro Dental Items to Have Shiny and Healthy Teeth

Brushing our teeth is essential for a healthy mouth and we usually rely on the trusty toothbrush and toothpaste combo. But there are many more items to further clean, make flossing easier, whiten and properly store everything. 5-Minute Crafts has compiled the best of the bunch for you!

1. Tooth stain eraser

Get it from Amazon here. Remove staining caused by coffee, tea, food, and others with this tartar remover. It’s easy to use and works on anyone, even if you have braces!

Number of 5-star ratings: 1,106

5-star review: “Didn’t know what to expect with this. I’ve been trying all sorts of things for months to get the staining off my teeth. Special toothpaste, different types of floss. Nothing works.
This arrived, opened one up, and had a quick go just to see. Instant result. My teeth are stain free. 5 minutes was all it took. I’m astounded at the result. Don’t hesitate. Buy it.
For those wondering what it is. It seems like a carbon tip. Can be a bit gritty so make sure you swill out after.” — Tim

2. Tongue scraper

Get it from Amazon here and become a pro at cleaning your tongue. It will remove any dirt or coating left on the tongue. It comes with a carrying case and it’s made of stainless steel, making it easier to clean and disinfect when compared to plastic scrapers.

Number of 5-star ratings: 137

5-star review: “A great pair of tongue cleaners in their own cases. Very easy to clean and store.” — Amazon Ruth

3. Teeth whitening kit

Get it from Amazon here. The whitening kit includes 8 whitening gel pods, a mouth tray, 5 blue LED lights, and a shade guide. Follow the 8-day guide and get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Number of 5-star ratings: 2,259

5-star review: “I have only used these gels 2 days running and the difference is definitely noticeable, my teeth are much whiter and the yellow beginning to fade. The product is so easy to use thanks to the easy squeeze gel pods. I have used several different brands with the syringes but this is definitely the best and easiest I have come across so far. Give it a go, money-back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, nothing to lose!” — Methlick06

4. Bamboo toothbrushes

Get it from Amazon here. Make brushing your teeth a bit more environmentally friendly by ditching the plastic toothbrush for these. They come in a pack so they’re great for a family, or just get them all and forget about buying new toothbrushes for some time. They’re available in 3 different bristle types and have a kid’s pack available too.

Number of 5-star ratings: 1,253

5-star review: “I like these brushes as I was sick of throwing plastic ones away as they can’t really be recycled. A pack of these lasts a very long time and my wife and son all use them daily. They are quite soft but this is what we have been recommended by our dentist for gum protection as harder bristles do shred the gum line. Very happy with the price and quality of these. Will be using for a long time.” — R. J. Joyce

5. UV light toothbrush sterilizer and holder

Get it from Amazon here. Keep your toothbrushes safely stored and disinfected with this UV light holder. You can hang it on the wall without drilling since it comes with adhesives. It’s rechargeable, but one charge will allow for many sterilizations.

Number of 5-star ratings: 564

5-star review: “So far I am very impressed. The item feels sturdy and well made. It is chargeable, which makes a great difference. It also sticks to the wall very easily and seems very firm so far, and is easy to remove from its bracket for when it will need to be charged. It certainly makes the bathroom look tidy, and it’s nice having the toothbrushes covered and stored away neatly.” — C. French

6. Interdental brushes

Get it from Amazon here. While we all have toothbrushes and brush our teeth the spaces between them are sometimes ignored. These interdental brushes will help make sure your mouth is 100% clean. They’re faster to use than floss and are perfect for people with braces.

Number of 5-star ratings: 8,567

5-star review: “The brushes were recommended by my hygienist. They are easy to use and I find them much better than flossing. Can be washed and reused for a while. Well worth the money.” — Chrissy Jewell

7. Compostable dental floss picks

Get it from Amazon here. Another alternative to traditional floss are these dental floss picks that can be transported around easily and don’t require any finger gymnastics to use. Additionally, they can be composted and have a tail to help pick any stubborn food on your teeth.

Number of 5-star ratings: 220

5-star review: “For years I’ve been using floss on a reel, making my fingers sore as I teased the floss between my very close-up gnashers.
A new hygienist suggested I try floss sticks — honestly, they are a game-changer. These black beauties appealed as not made of single-use plastic, the floss is strong and efficient and the pointy end is great for going over the gum line before brushing. Very happy customer.” — Lovelylel57

8. Water flosser

Get it from Amazon here and get to feel like a dentist when cleaning your teeth! The water flosser creates a high-pressure water stream that can be used in several modes and pushes all debris away from your teeth and gums, leaving them clean and shiny.

Number of 5-star ratings: 3,672

5-star review: “I have always hated flossing....try it out with the plastic floss things and floss tape...but could never get on with them. Now, genuinely, I can floss using this water flosser...it works brilliantly, and really does leave my mouth and gums feeling cleaner. My partner and I have both used it about 8 or 9 times each and haven’t needed recharging yet. I refill the water chamber 2 or 3 times to do my teeth properly. What it has really helped with is for me to floss every day as it is easy to use. I have sprayed water everywhere a few times!..but you get the hang of it pretty quick. I recommend this if you have tried other types of flossing but couldn’t get on with them.” — Teepee80

9. Teeth whitening strips

Get it from Amazon here. Whiten your teeth at home with these strips. Just stick them on your teeth and wait 30-60 minutes. They can help with stains and don’t require any type of brush or friction!

Number of 5-star ratings: 2,605

5-star review: “Have always wanted whiter teeth but have never been able to get them professionally done at a dentist. As I have little enamel left due to fruit juice and wine my teeth have discolored. Having tried numerous toothpaste which promise to make a difference and don’t I thought I would give these strips a go. I also have sensitive teeth so was concerned how they would affect me but the color of my teeth has been getting me down. I brush my teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush, use mouth wash and floss, despite all this, my teeth still do not look great
Just on a first application I have noticed a huge difference and am very pleased less yellow and more white, would recommend and would buy again. Thank you for brightening my teeth and smile.
These strips have not only made my teeth look so much better but made me more confident.” — Coopergirl

10. Bamboo toothbrush holder

Get it from Amazon here and store all your teeth essentials in style. The bamboo insert can serve as a divider between toothbrushes or it can be removed so there’s more space in the container. Additionally, it’s compostable making it eco-friendly.

Number of 5-star ratings: 296

5-star review: “Great toothbrush holder. Was worried my electric toothbrushes would be too big but as internal sections are removable I was able to simply remove 1 divider and it all fitted in perfectly. Love it.” — L Osborne

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