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13 Jewelry Ideas for Gifts Under $50

A piece of jewelry can be a timeless gift, perfect for numerous occasions or simply just because — you just can’t go wrong with this type of present. 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a list highlighting jewelry items for both men and women that make great gifts, all for less than $50.

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1. An elegant and tasteful adjustable zircon bracelet that is perfect for everyday use

Buy it on Amazon here (available in 18 other models).

2. A sturdy, stainless steel Cuban chain that can make all the difference in a simple outfit

Buy it on Amazon here (also available in black and gold-plated; up to 12 mm wide and 76 cm long).

3. An infinity pendant necklace to let a special some know that your love is forever

Buy it on Amazon here (also available in 7 other models).

4. A sleek Tommy Hilfiger leather bracelet that can help one achieve an effortlessly stylish look

Buy it on sale on Amazon here.

5. A unisex gold-colored stainless steel Casio digital watch whose timeless design makes it the right accessory for anybody

Buy it on Amazon here.

6. A memorial locket pendant that can be worn to carry the memory of a loved one forever

Buy it on Amazon here.

7. A Morse code bracelet with a secret message that’s full of positivity

Buy the “strength” Morse code bracelet on Amazon here (also available in 2 other words).

8. A fancy set of silver drop dangle earrings and a necklace that will make the perfect gift for a future bride or bridesmaid

Buy it on Amazon here (also available in gold and rose gold).

9. A heartwarming silver elephant necklace that represents motherly love and guidance

Buy it on Amazon here.

10. A solar system bracelet that is designed to represent the wearer as the sun as a way to bring positive energy

Buy it on Amazon here (available in 3 sizes).

11. A pair of silver-plated Baby Yoda dangle earrings that will garner compliments from all across the galaxy

Buy it on Amazon here.

12. A beautiful sterling silver necklace that is the ultimate way to celebrate a special friendship

Buy it on Amazon here.

13. A paw print bracelet that will become any pet lover’s favorite accessory

Buy it on Amazon here.

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