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18 People Who Stopped Using Shampoo to Prove That You Don’t Always Need It to Keep Your Hair Beautiful

Due to multiple reasons, but primarily as a way to preserve your scalp’s natural oils and do away with the chemicals that hair products have in them, more and more people are turning to the No Poo philosophy, which consists of seeking methods of cleansing your hair that do not involve traditional shampoo.

We’ve gathered testimonies and experiences from people who proudly showed how much their hair has changed since embarking on a No Poo journey.

1. “This really worked for my hair because it became thicker and I think it grew a bit faster. My hair just needed some proper tender loving care for it to go, “Hey, this is what I can be!”

2. “What a difference a few months can make, huh... switched to only silicon-free conditioner and I couldn’t be happier.”

3. “I’m 35 years old, I haven’t used shampoo in 8 years, I’ve been on chemo for 3 years, and I might just let my hair grow for the rest of my life.”

4. “Okay, something is working. It was a big waxy grease helmet for weeks. A couple days ago, I woke up after scritching and preening and my hair felt soft. This photo is to express my excitement.”

5. “I am tomorrow 4 weeks no poo! Look the difference! I guess I am a curly/wavy girl? I am curious how it will look after a longer time, when I am more experienced with wearing and styling curls.”

6. “I’ve been going no poo on and off for the past year or so. After like 3 months of relatively regular shampooing, I stopped doing it. That was about a month ago and it’s just been water and scritching.”

7. “1 year difference between photos, 6 months without shampoo.”

8. “Usually I water-only wash in shower every 2-4 days. Scritch and preen wet and dry daily, though I don’t preen as much as I probably should.”

9. “Everyone’s hair is different, so I can’t say how yours would react compared to mine. But I will say that this has been pretty game changing for me.”

10. “7 years of just water and a comb on my head and a boar hair brush on my face.”

11. “3 months no shampoo. My hair has never been better!”

12. “It’s getting a lot softer and closer to what I remember my hair feeling like as a kid.”

13. “Water only for 2 years. I wash my hair every 2-5 days with water only. I have an inconsistent routine, but basically I brush well if my hair feels off and wash it when brushing doesn’t fix the problem.”

14. “Soft water only. My hair has never been healthier, wavier, or full of volume. And public compliments have never been so prevalent.”

15. “3 years without shampoo.”

16. “I grew my hair out from scalp to now, in 1.5 years. I have done nothing but water washes the whole time, I couldn’t be happier.”

17.“Had a good hair day! 6 months into no poo and still greasy the day after a wash, but preening my oils down really made my waves pop!”

18. “Water-only working pretty well for my 3B curls.”

Have you ever gone a long period without shampooing your hair? Have you tried hair-washing products that are not shampoo? How was your experience?

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