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18 Short Hairstyles According to Your Face Shape

Wearing your hair short can have a number of advantages. These include faster styling times and fewer split ends. However, it is important to choose the right look for your features, as this will allow for a symmetrical and harmonious look.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled 18 suggested styles for different face types.

Finding out what shape your face is

  • Oval: Its main characteristic is that the length of the face is longer than the width. At the same time, the chin is slightly narrower than the hairline.
  • Square: It can be observed that the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw have the same dimensions. It is also characterized by a wide and prominent chin.
  • Round: The width and length of the face are the same.
  • Heart or inverted triangle: The hairline is the widest part of the face. At the same time, there are pronounced cheekbones and a narrow, almost pointed chin.
  • Elongated: They are very strong faces, as they are usually thin, with a narrow forehead and chin. They may resemble an oval face, but with a more elongated chin.
  • Diamond or hexagonal: It has prominent cheekbones, which are the widest part of the face. The forehead and jaw are of equal length.

Recommended haircuts

Oval face

  1. Short with side bangs: It consists mainly of an asymmetrical cut, with a deep side fringe that aims to create angles on the face. If you choose this option, it is recommended to use gel to give it a wet finish.
  2. Irregular straight fringe: It is characterized by a layered mane of different lengths, including bangs. The idea of this cut is to frame the face, creating sharp lines and accentuating the chin to make it look thinner.
  3. Medium bob cut: It has the power to slightly shorten the face and frame it. The hair should be the same length as the face with a center part.

Square face

  1. Pixie with long bangs: This cut softens the face, making it look round. It consists of a fairly short hairstyle, leaving a long “feathery” fringe.
  2. Long hair with side-swept bangs: It consists of a straight shoulder-length mane, with the ends turned inward and a side fringe, which slightly “breaks” the right angles of the face.
  3. Shaggy cut: It’s ideal for wavy hair. It’s a layered style that frames the face, helping to lengthen the look and soften the jawline. You can define each strand a bit with mousse.

Round face

  1. Shoulder-length bob cut: It’s one of the most flattering haircuts for this type of face, as it visually extends it. It’s also suitable for curly, wavy, or straight hair. If you wish, you can add a side fringe.
  2. Afro: If you have curly hair, this high aspect cut can be an excellent option to elongate your features a bit. To get the rounded effect, the bangs and the rest of the hair should be cut to the same length.
  3. Pompadour: Its main feature is to leave the sides very short or simply shaved, and comb the hair from the top up. This style can be complemented with bright and vivid color tones.

Heart-shaped or inverted triangle face

  1. Pixie cut bulky: It’s characterized by accentuating the cheeks and jawline. This is because much of the hair bulges in the upper area. At the same time, the fringe covers the forehead, giving the cut a more voluminous look.
  2. Short bob with curls: It consists of making the top part of the hair look thicker than the sides and bottom. This way, you’ll have voluminous hair and draw attention to that area.
  3. Layered long hair: If you have wavy hair, this look will suit you very well. The idea is to cut your hair shoulder length and layered, and then comb it back, always keeping it voluminous. You can use hairspray or styling cream to help you achieve this.

Elongated face

  1. Mini bob: This style favors curly or wavy hair. It can be achieved through a layered cut. The important thing is that it always looks full and voluminous.
  2. Shoulder length hair: A layered cut is recommended to add volume and leave a straight fringe, which will shorten the face.
  3. Bowl cut: This is ideal for straight hair. At the same time, it accentuates the eye area and cheekbones. If you opt for this look, make sure you get a top part without layers, and that the sides are long enough to tuck behind the ears. This will give it a more feminine touch.

Diamond or hexagonal-shaped face

  1. Chin-length bob: With a middle or diagonal part, it is ideal for straight and wavy hair. Additionally, this cut will give a slightly wider jawline.
  2. Lob with side fringe: This look softens the cheekbones and gives more balance to the straight angles of the face. It should always be worn with long, side-swept bangs and slightly wavy hair.
  3. Pixie: This is a cut without layers, leaving the volume toward the upper part of the face. This creates a proportioned look and softens the most prominent features.
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