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4 Reasons Why Popping Pimples Worsens Acne

Your skin is a good indicator of your general health. It’s filled with pores that can easily clog with oils and pus. Because of that, many breakouts appear primarily on your face. But even if you feel like squeezing those pimples out as soon as they appear, you probably shouldn’t: as it turns out, it’s not such a good idea.

In this article, 5-Minute Crafts will show you why you shouldn’t pop pimples.

What are pimples and what can worsen them

Pimples are a common skin condition that can form due to hormonal changes or excessive oils in the skin. They look like raised red lumps with a white center and they form when bacteria enter blocked hair follicles. Aside from teenagers, this condition is common in adults as well. Hormonal changes, certain diets, medication, and stress may make your pimples look worse.

Never pop a pimple in the danger zone

The danger triangle of the face is located between the bridge of the nose and the corners of the mouth. This section is often called the triangle of death and it’s one of the most dangerous areas on the face where you shouldn’t pop a pimple. The blood vessels, which are located there, are directly connected with the brain and can cause health problems if bacteria enter from the broken skin.

Why you shouldn’t pop pimples

1. You won’t get rid of the problem

Squeezing a pimple is not the right choice and will do more harm than good. It can open the pores and push bacteria deeper into the skin. By doing this, you can cause more swelling and redness.

2. You might create scars

After you squeeze a pimple, the spots remain on the face like a scar. The affected skin can be hyperpigmented and hypopigmented and will appear different from the normal skin color.

3. You will make the healing process longer

You can extend the healing time up to 2 weeks if you pop it, while the normal healing takes 3 to 7 days until the pimple is gone.

4. It can lead to more pimples

Once you pop a pimple and release the bacteria, oils, or debris, they can spread into other pores and cause more pimples on the clear skin.

How to prevent breakouts

Doing small things like keeping your hands and hair away from your face, and washing your skin and face with a cleanser can make your skin less prone to breakouts. If you did squeeze the pimple, make sure that you don’t do it more than once.

Bonus: Alternatives to hide the pimple

There are many ways you can try to hide your pimples without worsening the situation by squeezing them. Try to:

  • Hide the pimple using a concealer that matches your skin tone and a dry foundation.
  • Make the pimple look like a beauty mark.

Forget about popping pimples and just leave them to disappear on their own. You will be left without any scars if you are patient.

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