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8 Beauty Tips From the Royals That Helped Them Look Like Stars

The members of the royal family should always be ready for the attention of the public. Most of them have their own quick tips and tricks to look perfect in any situation. Surprisingly, many of them are pretty easy to follow. Here are 8 brilliant examples of simple yet ingenious beauty hacks that were put through the test of time and successfully used for decades by royals from different countries.

1. The secret of Diana’s flawless hairstyle

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Princess Diana’s style inspired many women to cut their hair shorter and to try her legendary feathered hairdo. Journalists closely followed the royal family, so any change in Diana’s looks was immediately noticed and discussed on the front pages. If the princess of Wales decided to try a shorter haircut, she needed a special tactic.

Her personal hairdresser had to be very careful. He cut Diana’s hair gradually, one-fourth of an inch at a time over the course of weeks. That is how Diana followed the trends without attracting unwanted attention and discussions in the media.

2. Kate Middleton uses neutral colors to create sophisticated looks.

Princess Kate is famous for her sophisticated natural makeup looks. She often uses eyeshadows in warm neutral tones. Sometimes the Princess of Wales adds black eyeliner to create a soft smokey-eye effect. The color palette of her makeup products perfectly matches her hair color. Kate also opts for nude hues of nail polish to support the impression of an all-natural look.

3. Meghan Markle uses highlighter to look more awake

Meghan Markle has some special tricks to look refreshed at any time of the day. During preparations for night filming, the Duchess applies a highlighter, paying special attention to the inner corner of her eyes. She also mentions using an eyelash curler as a simple yet highly efficient beauty product that gives instant effects and helps her look wide awake even without a hint of makeup.

4. Grace Kelly used hand moisturizer as often as possible

The late Princess of Monaco used hand moisturizer as often as possible. She always remembered to keep the skin on her hands hydrated enough to slow down the appearance of the signs of aging. Kelly believed that the hands of a woman show her age quicker than any other part of her body and, as a result, she took care of her hands as a part of her beauty routine.

5. Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece sleeps with an eye mask on to preserve the perfect look of her eyelashes.

Princess Maria-Olympia is a fan of lash extensions and has discovered a special technique that helps keep her lashes in order. Every night she wears an eye mask that prevents them from tangling during sleep.

Princess, who pays particular attention to her appearance, is not satisfied with the thickness of her brows. But she found a simple solution. Maria-Olympia has chosen the suitable brow gel and uses it daily.

6. Sunscreen is a top-priority product for Queen Letizia of Spain.

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Queen Letizia is very demanding of herself when it comes to her beauty routine. She knows the peculiarities of her skin and doesn’t skip regular procedures. Letizia doesn’t use extraordinary or rare products. Her skincare ritual is based on daily hydration and applying sunscreen.

7. Red lipstick was the most essential beauty product for Queen Elizabeth II.

The perfect red lipstick is another key to a stunning royal look. The late Queen Elizabeth proved everyone can find the perfect hue of red for every occasion. The bright lipstick was one of the favorite makeup products of Her Majesty, and she could often be seen refreshing her lipstick in public. This action was also used as a secret signal during various events to the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting. They knew she was going to leave the event when they saw her reapply her lipstick.

8. Princess Eugenie uses simple make-up products that make her look good in no time.

Like other royals, Princess Eugenie is often busy attending various public events. She found a perfect solution to save her time while also continuing to look gorgeous. Queens Elizabeth’s granddaughter trained to do her makeup in the car. Eugenie has chosen a couple of makeup products that are easy to apply on the go. She likes to use mascara and bronzer.

Do you have your own beauty tips? Please share in the comments!

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