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8 Simple Ways For Men To Drastically Change Their Look

While the idea of getting a makeover has always been somewhat associated with women, it has become more of a common occurrence for modern men to pay more attention to the way they look. Giving your look a makeover will allow you to create a different first impression on the new people you meet in your life, as well as make the people that already know you see you in a different light.

From improving your grooming habits to revamping your wardrobe, 5-Minute Crafts has come up with a list of the many different things that you can do to significantly alter your style and overall appearance.

1. Maintain a skincare routine.

“Trust the process.” — /u/Ok-Raspberry-2567

Getting rid of acne or keeping the condition of your skin under control is definitely not a simple thing to do, but the importance of a good skincare routine can’t be ignored. It may take a long time for skincare products to take effect and the process may get frustrating, but consistency and adherence to the process will eventually get you there. Even if acne is not a concern for you, keeping a skincare routine will have an impact on the way your face feels and looks and will keep your skin in tip-top condition.

It’s always advised to schedule an appointment with a qualified dermatologist and follow their instructions, as they are the experts on this matter who can better guide you in improving your skincare habits. This may be out of budget or it may not be a possibility at the moment, but there are other simpler solutions that will make your skin healthier.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm or cold water.
  • Apply moisturizer during the day and at night.
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands.
  • Exfoliate your face and body more than once a week.
  • Drink plenty of water and other liquids throughout the day.
  • Put on sunscreen every day, even if it’s not sunny.
  • Keep it simple — don’t use too many products.

❗ Important: You should always consult with a qualified professional about your skincare routine.

2. Get a haircut.

“Finally decided to chop the flow, couldn’t be happier with the results.” — /u/brettzkyyy

Having the right kind of hairstyle will improve your overall appearance, given that your hair frames your face—it can put emphasis on certain features as well as balance out others. Changing your hairstyle tends to be a key part of a makeover considering how noticeable of a feature it is.

To find the styles of haircut that suit your face the best, you’ll have to determine your face shape first, which can be done at home by measuring certain segments of your face with a flexible measuring tape. Alternatively, you can stand in front of a mirror and draw an outline of your face with a temporary marker and compare your outline to a list of the different face shapes. Once you have found your face shape, you can find your next hairstyle.

3. Change your facial hair style or grow a beard.

“I planned to grow just a mustache for 3–6 months and to trim the beard after 4–5 weeks, but liked how the beard turned out so I’m keeping it a bit longer.” — /u/TheDanyBoy

Growing out and maintaining a beard has typically been associated with ideas like being manly. Men themselves have long associated the idea of having a beard with being attractive, confident, and successful. It might be a good idea for a makeover, but you need to know what facial hairstyle you want first. If you’re not sure, you can always attempt to keep a well-shaped and groomed beard, a classic look that has become increasingly in style as of late.

Likewise, you can also dramatically change your look by shaving off the facial hair that you may currently have. This is even more recommended if you’re seeking to achieve a younger look. In addition to this, being clean-shaven will make you look more approachable.

4. Tidy up your head and facial hair.

“I never thought about how hair makes such a big difference in your appearance.” — /u/fate77

You don’t need to drastically change up your hairstyle or facial hair in order to get a complete makeover, sometimes all you need is to tidy up and properly maintain your current style. The amount of time you should wait between trimming sessions depends on your hairstyle—daily if possible if your head is shaved, and once every one or 2 weeks if you have short hair. For facial hair, it’s recommended to trim it every 2 weeks if you’re keeping it short, or trim it every 6 to 8 weeks if you have a longer beard.

A simple and short way to keep your facial hair tidy is to trim it to an even length using clippers. It’s also important to keep your mustache hair neat—this can be achieved by trimming the longer hairs every 3 days or so. With regards to your head, it’s recommended to trim it yourself only if you have the skills and are doing a minor touch-up, otherwise, it’s better to leave it to an expert.

5. Pay attention to your eyebrows.

“A friend of mine and his wife own several eyelash extension salons. Any time I visit, he tries to get me to let him microblade my eyebrows. This visit I decided to let him because, why not?” — /u/3hreeJs

The impact that your scalp hair and facial hair have on your appearance, coupled with the fact that thick eyebrows are a timeless look for men, makes it easy for you to overlook eyebrow grooming. However, having unkempt eyebrows can be detrimental to your appearance as well as make you look older, so it is recommended to keep things tidy. Luckily, you can keep your eyebrows under control with tools you probably have at home, like tweezers and a comb.

On the flip side, if you want to achieve fuller eyebrows for a makeover, you can turn to semi-permanent solutions like microblading, which will allow you to have the eyebrow shape you have always wanted while maintaining a natural look. You can also resort to other methods like using an eyebrow pencil to cover up patches or natural oils to promote hair growth.

6. Change up your clothing style.

“All of these pieces were things I wore casually, and I realized that clothes could be both every day and performance wear pieces.” — /u/ImAtleastTwelve

While this is a risky choice, the best way to reinvent your wardrobe is to simply get rid of most of the clothes you own, but make sure to keep essential clothing items that you will still need in your day-to-day life as well as some exceptions that you deem necessary.

From there, you will have to find a new style. A great way to do this is to turn to other people for advice. This could be in the form of a person you already know and whose sense of fashion you already trust, or in the form of online communities or social media sites that offer pieces of advice that are relevant to your interests. It’s important to get familiarized with clothing brands as well, so you have a better of idea of which ones are a better fit for you. Additionally, you can spice up your style by accessorizing, which will prevent your outfits from becoming repetitive.

7. Get glasses that better frame your face.

“Rectangle vs round glasses, which look best on me?” — /u/GentAdventurerUK

Just like with hairstyles, it’s always recommended that you wear a pair of glasses whose frames best fit your face shape. For example, if you have a square-shaped face, it’s better to go for round-framed glasses, just like more bold, angular frames are recommended for round faces.

Albeit a more expensive and complicated alternative, you can also try wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. Doing this might give you that confidence boost necessary for you to go ahead and commit to your makeover.

8. Experiment with make-up.

“I set my whole face with powder. However, I mainly just focus on the under-eye area to prevent any creasing and my T-zone where I tend to get oily. I find setting spray also really helps to keep everything looking fresh and natural.” — /u/Kiki-James

Contrary to what you might think, make-up products are designed for everybody, including men—who have used make-up for centuries—meaning that there’s nothing stopping you from using it if you haven’t. A simple way of integrating it into your look is using concealer, foundation, and other similar products to cover up any marks on your skin and also make things like redness or dark circles under your eyes better blend in with the rest of your face.

Boundaries are constantly being pushed when it comes to make-up as a tool for self-expression for men. This means that a makeover is great chance to start experimenting with bolder make-up products as well, like nail polish and eyeliner.

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