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8 Steps to Layer Your Hair at Home

If you want to give yourself a makeover at home, a good option can be to layer your hair, as it will add volume to it and highlight your face.

5-Minute Crafts will show you how to do it at home, whether you have short or long hair.

You will need:

  • A thick bristle comb
  • A hair tie
  • Scissors for cutting hair. They don’t have to be the most expensive ones on the market, it is only important that they are hairdresser’s scissors, as these are sharp and have a specific tip to ensure straight cuts

1. Straighten your hair using a thick bristle brush. It is important that it is not completely wet, as it is more difficult to manipulate it this way when it is long.

2. Part your hair as you normally wear it and gather it with a hair tie. Use your chin height as a reference.

3. Define how short you want your hair and with the opposite hand to the one using the scissors, hold your hair as straight as possible.

4. Make a straight cut above the fingers, being careful to not let the scissors slip.

5. Release the hair tie and leave the hair parted in the middle. Hold the hair with one hand and with the other hand make vertical cuts. Repeat the procedure on the other half of the hair.

6. Separate the top part of the hair, at the crown of your head, from the back part and place it forward, using as a reference the height of the nape of the neck. Hold the hair in your hand, make a horizontal cut with the scissors, and then make other vertical cuts.

7. Guided by the height of the eyebrows, gather the hair from the top of the head. You won’t touch the part at the back again. Separate it into 2 halves. Take thin strands from the gathered part, place the scissors diagonally to the strands and make cuts.

8. To complete your layered cut, cut the remaining strands of hair by holding the scissors diagonally again. This will help you to make the ends look different lengths, some short and some long, since the more diagonal the angle, the more hair is taken away.

Bonus: How to layer short hair

  • Wet your hair.
  • Separate and gather the part at the crown of your head. Leave the bottom part loose.
  • Place the hair toward the front of your face. You can use a mirror to make the cut.
  • Cut the loose ends of the hair by holding them straight, so you can make horizontal cuts.
  • Hold the ends of your hair and make vertical cuts.
  • Repeat the procedure on the part of the hair that was gathered.
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